Looking to buy or trade Berserk trading cards

Hi Guys

finally got round to updating my Berserk card collection. The ones I need are marked in Yellow and the doubles are in red.

Looking to trade

Don't have ant foils to trade but interested in what's available also


Hey all,

I started collecting these cards so I could produce high quality scans. As such, I'm really only interested in non-holographic cards. I have a pretty detailed spreadsheet that includes image links and estimated prices: Here. I'm open to selling but mostly interested in trading.

Countcrisp, I've done a couple trades elsewhere but how would you propose to do it? I traded mine via eBay sales because the subsidized shipping was much cheaper than going through the post office (at least for the locations involved).

I compared our lists and this is what I got:

You need and I have:
bk1-032 U
bk1-068 C
bk1-084 C
bk1-089 C
bk1-090 C
bk1-095 U
bk1-107 U
bk1-114 U
bk1-132 R
bk1-139 U
bk2-017 C
bk4-002 C
bk4-007 R
bk4-021 C
bk4-041 C
bk4-065 R

I need and you have:
bk1-072 U
bk1-076 U
bk1-098 U
bk1-130 R
bk1-145 C
bk1-147 U
bk1-151 U
bk2-021 R
bk4-005 U
bk4-009 U
bk4-010 U
bk4-014 U
bk4-017 C
bk4-026 C
bk4-029 R
bk4-040 C
bk4-044 C
bk4-058 U
bk4-070 C
bk4-077 U
bk4-079 U
bk4-080 U
bk5-063 C

It's pretty close in terms of rares!
Wow! I'm not currently involved with that card game but I logged in just to give you a like and thank you for the scans. Great job!
Sure! I've you're interested in seeing what I have scanned so far:

bk1 HD Scans
bk2 HD Scans
bk3 HD Scans
bk4 HD Scans
bk5 HD Scans <-- This one is empty, but I have about 50 bk5 cards on my desk waiting to be scanned in.

Bonus: Some examples of English cards using the old scans
(You can see the quality is lacking, hence the need to produce better scans)
Hello guys,

I can trade :

BK1 Holo : 12 14 50 113 128
BK2 Holo : 02 03 04 06 19
BK3 Holo : 05 16 18 19 31 38 45 53 54 60 62
BK4 Holo : 29 47 52 59 65 66 69
BK4 Normal : 03 51 63
Box card
BK3 : Isidro
BK4 : Guts

I'm looking for :

Holo : 018 022 116 140
Box card : Guts
Box card : Guts
Box card : SkullKnight
Holo : 03 06 23 28 51 63
Normal : 05 23 66
Holo : 03 05 20 22 23 30 36 47 48 54 60 65 66 67 68 74 75 76
Box card : BK3 04/64

Thanks !
Hey Lumiere, dang I wish I had anything you were looking for. It seems you're much further along in your collection than most of the collectors I've come across.
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