Make A Berserk Mousepad



I found this on slickdeals.

Go here - and use the code MSPD99

Its also on the front page there. You can upload any picture you want. I'm thinking of getting a Berserk pad but not sure what image to use. Ideas? What are/would you get?


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Well, that's a cool idea, though there are tons of sites doing this with every object you can think of. As for the image to use, honestly there are so many possibilities that I don't know where to start.
Might be very unoriginal but you could always use the Brand.
Some other options would be the Hawks banner, a Behelit (green or red), a face shot of your favorite character.
I personally would get a face shot of Viral Harvests Guts.. from the pr0n thread. That facial dookie is just too priceless.
Well okay maybe that would be a little extreme :guts:. The one I would really go with is a picture of all the God Hand members in chibi form.
If I had permission from the original creator.
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