Making an all-steel Raider sword this time...

Hi guys,

Some people liked my Dragonslayer I made a few years ago. I got a customer commission for a 75% scale Raider sword (golden age arc of course) so here she is at 63" and 24lbs. Yes, the blade should be slightly tapered but this was a budget build so that was the one thing that helped the customer's wallet. The customer wanted it to be "functional", hence the scaled down appearance. It's still pretty big and pretty heavy but quite balanced and usable. I shot a video smashing a ton of free craigslist furniture and it worked great.

For now, here's some pics:

Rest of pics:

...and the first part of the build video. I'm working on editing the second part and then the smash video.

TheBranded1 said:
What's the cost to make one?
Full-size versions will be $3500 USD. You can see my listings at

If linking to my site is not allowed please feel free to delete or I'll edit it out!

Part 2 (final) is live!

I'll post a video smashing some craigslist furniture once I'm done editing the footage.

All right, finally got the furniture smash video up. I think you guys might like this, it's my favorite video to date.

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