Matching your hairstyle to a Berserk character


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I recently had my hair cut, first time a long while because of COVID-19.
My hair is naturally thick and plentiful and so it was feeling to me like Tomie's hair (from Ito Junji's work) because it even got tangled around my neck!

So I wanted it shorter, and because my hair has gotten a bit wavy, I realized today that it's like Isma's hairstyle! Especially when it's "out-of-bed". While unexpected, I'm very happy it turned out like that.:ubik:It's the seaweed style! :badbone: Though I should say that my hair is black, so it doesn't have the blue/greenish tint Miura gave hers.

Anyway, I figured some of you might also have hairstyles similar to that of Berserk characters. Griffith's hairstyle would be great, especially if it's platinum! Locus would be good as well. Harder to get it spiky like Guts though!

For women, any female character is good I think. Luka might be common, but matching Schierke's style would be a feat! For curly hair, Danan is beautiful. Farnese is good for a kind of office-look. As for Casca, short or long, it's great! Like I said, all the female characters have great hair. Miura sensei definitely had an eye for it. I wonder though, does anybody have Nina's hairstyle?

Now it's your turn! Can you match your hairstyle to one of Berserk's characters?


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My haircut doesn’t resemble any of the characters’ from Berserk. It’s short, like Guts’, but I’d have to put gel in it to get it spiky, and I hate the feeling of product. Right now, I’m rocking the Rick Deckard look.


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It would be cool if you could have him popping out of the berserker armour and then going back into it.
That's a bit much for an emoticon though, don't you think...? I may have Void as my avatar, but I'm not a PIXEL WIZARD! If anyone wants to discuss future emotion potential, we should probably do that here:

Besides, @Guin we can't just crash this hair thread and not contribute. It's uncouth! :mozgus:So I'm uhh.... I guess closest to Raban, now, though it's not swept behind my head or anything. Just short up front + beard. Most of my teens and 20s, I had hair similar to Carcus' though.
Really thinking about it though, I would say my hair is similar to Mule although I'm not blonde but the style is similar to mine. Just out of curiousity have we got a Foss in da house?


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@Walter yeah it was hard to find another character with my hair style. Bald on top and long everywhere. Usually I say I have a vulture one or a neo-mullet. But quick like that, this dude came to mind. (Dont ask why though!)

I could have gone with the old man chilling with the rats in the revelation episode in vol 17 though. They are close to mine but I have more then him. :carcus:


even the horses are cut in half!
Maybe Gennon's hairstyle can also match yours?
Sadly... Yes, yes it does. But he's a bit balder then me. I still have a few on top.

I didnt want to associate with that guy though. (He's no better than the creeper with Jill when I think about it.)

Ok I'll stick with the old dude chilling with the rats then. He seems like a nice old fella.
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