Memory Fragments, the Berserk Fanzine is open for preorders!

Hi everyone! Me and a group of artists teamed up to create a Berserk fanart collab magazine. Take a look!

Memory Fragments is the second issue of the Berserk fanzine project featuring 20 artists and 5 writers. The aim for this issue was to expand the fanzine’s scope to beyond only-artwork.

One aspect of the Berserk fan-community that is so great is how passionate we are. Reading commentary or essays really highlights what a well-crafted story that Berserk is and we want to deliver that experience with the second issue. While fanart similarly evokes the same experience, the aim is to give readers something more to digest when reading the fanzine.

If you are interested, preorders for the magazine are open on our online store.

Thanks for looking!
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