Miura illustrated the cover for Satoru Akahori’s Liar Mitsuhide novel




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Wow that is a stunning cover. The multi-layered imagery all composed in the silhouette of the face.

I wonder how Miura was selected, or offered, to become the artist. I thought maybe it was a publisher connection, but this is a Kodansha book, and the last cover he did was for Hayakawa (a Guin Saga book).
Looks cool. It's always nice to see artwork from Miura that isn't Berserk, almost like a brief glimpse into what other worlds drawn by him would look like if he had more time to do side projects.
This looks great. Miura has gotten quite proficient with digital art. It doesn't have that unpleasant "digital look" that Rickert and Erica poster had from volume 38.
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