Molested Children in Jill’s Village?

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It’s quite clear to me that Jill’s village has a culture of child abuse, but something that really got me thinking is that child rape could also be prevalent in her village. The way Jill’s dad’s war buddies speak to her and her reaction to them. The adult attack elf who is a child and shouldn’t normally know about such a thing. Idk, this shit really has me thinking. Also I noticed that the village has no leadership or any form of law enforcement, so there’s nothing to stop the rapists or other bad actors from committing such deeds. If there’s no law, there’s no crime right? What do y’all think?
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If you're simply asking if the other children in the village experienced similar sexual abuse as Jill, then I think the answer is pretty inconclusive. The "adult attack" carries an implication that those children knew about intercourse. But that could just as easily have come from children seeing their parents in bed together. Their living arrangements weren't spacious.

As for the complicated role of law enforcement in a backwoods place like Jill’s village, problems like this were probably dealt with communally, or by taking it up with the local lord. But I think it's more likely that these kinds of problems were merely accepted as a dark part of life in those times, and children and women would have been particularly vulnerable to their pleas going ignored due to their lesser role in society.
The only kind of rape-related activity we saw in Jill's village came from one of Zepec's buddies, and that looked like something he was trying to keep on the down-low, or at least as much on the down-low as a drunk could get. The fake elf who we saw doing the "adult attack" may not have come from her village (considering how many fake elves we see, I'd say it's far more likely Rosine has been abducting children from numerous settlements, not just the dinky place Jill comes from), and as Walter said, he could have learned about the act of sex from something else entirely. Heck, he may even have learned about it after his transformation. But regardless, there's not really enough evidence to say that molestation is all that prevalent in Jill's village.
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