Most powerful apostles

Hey everyone, this is my first post here.

Of the Apostles that we have seen so far who are the strongest? Zodd would get my vote, but the Stone Dragon Apostle seems like he can take more hits that Zodd can. I am unsure of the names of the others, but Griffith's Apostle generals all seem pretty strong.

Sorry for the lack of names...


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Hi frostedone, welcome to

We've already had threads on the subject before, if you search around the forum using the appropriately named Search feature you should find some interesting information. There is also an encyclopedia available on the site with the characters' names and descriptions in it, all that stuff.

Anyway, Griffith's generals are Zodd, Grunberd (the dragon apostle you mentioned, made of corundum), Locus, Rakshas and Irvine. As for the most powerful apostle so far, I guess I'd say Ganishka, the emperor of the Kushans. Zodd couldn't do much against his magic.
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