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Hey guys,

How can Guts keep his left arm so damn ripped? What kind of exercises does he do in order to maintain its shape? :azan:

I know I'm referring to a fictitional character so I should not expect a 100% realistic approach on the part of Miura to keep this real but even so, this still bothers my mind. :shrug:

Have a great day everyone. :troll:


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He swings the Dragon Slayer with both hands, so, I guess that'd be enough to stay fit.
On being ripped, part of that is lack of calories. :) Hard to get fat when you are constantly on the run and looking for food. On arms, DS. If you pick up a cinderblock and make a hobby out of swinging that around, post before and after.
Because comic book character, like grail said. Wearing heavy armor, carrying heavy weapons and performing intense physical activities all day everyday will make you strong. However, in the context of the story, it makes zero sense, guts barely eats and rests yet he looks like a marble sculpture. He's just a big badass comic book guy, which I'm completely fine with :)
However, in the context of the story, it makes zero sense, guts barely eats and rests yet he looks like a marble sculpture.
I wouldn't say it makes zero sense. We can't say for sure how much he eats or what exactly he eats, it would be a waste of time and space for Miura to draw him eating various things all the time. He could've simply been born with genetically gifted musculature. A good looking body doesn't necessarily have to be achieved, it can be given by nature or even a combination of both. What I would say doesn't make much sense is not that his body looks the way it does, but the fact that he has seemingly endless reserves of energy. That, however, is already past what even a well-fed, healthy adult man would be capable of in real life, so you can more easily attribute it to the realm of comic books.
Does anyone think its possible in real life for a person of Gut's physique to swing the Dragon Slayer? I think it's around 200 pounds right?
Robert Oberst, world's strongest man competitor couldn't even swing a 123lb sword. Most estimates for Dragonslayer are around 400lbs.
There's also a big difference between being able to swing something and being able to use it as an effective against armed opponents. The heaviest swords (ignoring ceremonial/display use) almost never exceeded 8lbs and were balanced far closer to the hilt.
Where did you get 400 pounds from? That seems like a lot, even for the Dragon Slayer.
It's been a long time since I calculated it properly but you can just compare it to the sword in the video I linked. Dragonslayer is nearly twice as wide, a foot or so longer, much thicker and has a far more substantial guard and pommel. 3.25x the weight seems about right to me.
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