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I've played around in the berserk sub Reddit, so naturally that will lead you here. I had something to say, so I laid it out in there, but this is my my first SK Net post, so I hope I'm putting it in the right place. Here we go! (Just a copy and paste from my Reddit post.)

Some years ago a small group of friends and I were having our weekly anime series/movie night. Before, during and after our viewings we would take our periodic smoke breaks. One of the usual topics of discussion was recommendations. One friend gave me a brief summary of berserk and needless to say I was interested. So when I made it home, being the poor and petulant child I was, I pirated the anime series. Obviously enthralled by the ending and my fascination with Guts, Griffith & co. I just had to know what came next. I started to read scans online. Before I knew it I was finished and considered myself berserks greatest fan. To date there's no telling how many times I've re-read the manga, I've re-watched the anime, and even suffered through the god awful movies. Still not satisfied I made my way to Reddit (for the sole purpose of the berserk sub-Reddit) to see what other like minded people had to say about our favorite story ever written. If anyone lurks this sub-Reddit long enough they end up at To my amazement there was even a berserk podcast! I am personally lucky enough to have a job where the guys can entertain me while I get my orders done. When I made it to around what I believe is episode 33 of the skullcast I became aware of the dire situation Miura, darkhorse, and the community was in due to piracy, and how much better off the series would be if everyone involved received their proper due. So starting two weeks ago I began purchasing the series 3 volumes per paycheck.
Now, I'm not telling everyone this to recieve acclaim or anything of the sort. But one thing I can tell you is, is that I have never felt like more of a berserk fan than I did when I opened my first package and was able to hold volumes 1, 2 and three of berserk I love this community, and thanks for listing to my admission everyone.
Long live Berserk!

PS: it's finally nice to be a part of this community. You guys are great!


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Welcome to the forum! It's good to hear that you are supporting the series properly now. You can't be a true Berserk fan if you don't.


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Welcome, stuGi - I have to say, that's quite an introduction! I admire your frankness, and let me tell you, it never stops feeling great when peeling the packaging off a brand new Berserk volume! :slan: May you enjoy many more!


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Hello stuGi, and welcome to

Indeed, supporting the author is at the heart of fandom. I'm glad you could experience that joy. :serpico:
Welcome, stuGI. :badbone:

I pretty much went through the same route, i just turned 18 in October and 2 years ago i pretty much read/watched most of the stuff for free online, including the Berserk Manga. At that time i didn't know how important it was to actually go ahead buy the Volumes and support the author. especially made me realize how worth it is to buy the Volumes. Besides getting good translations, being able to actually view a page the exact way a mangaka intended it to, was especially great to me, as online-readers (reading sites) will often slightly zoom into a page, making the reader not appreciate the laxout of a page.

I was able to buy the whole series in the span of 2 years, mostly a bunch of volumes (15-20) at once. I'm a student, but i work every summer for one month at some factory, thanks to that i was able to get the volumes and many other stuff of course
Welcome! The volumes are the way to go. Way more detail in the shading of the art, and much more accurate translations. There's nothing like getting the story right :)
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