My Zoddo statue (Picture heavy)

I finally got my Zoddo statue this week. It's the wingless version, but I still think it's awesome. I paid WAYYYYYYYYYY too much for it, but overall, I'm very pleased that I got it, and proud of it.

Here are some pics of my ghetto desk, so I get a "Meeting on the Hill of Swords" and I have a "Zoddo vs The Queen"








Hope you enjoyed the pics. Oh, yea...Zoddo is huge...the Queen is big, but Zoddo is MASSIVE. It's awesome.
That definitely a hot statue I just got that myself alittle while ago but i kinda got screwed I paid for the winged one and only got the "wing-less"one but overall an awesome statue.......and to reply to zoddo vs the queen the winner would be without a doubt zoddo. He could probably take two queens one and still reck house
Zoddo is about 12" tall........if anyone is interested in zoddo i might be selling mine if your interested just email @ or send me a private message through the forum
yea, it's the Guts mini-figure, which is about 4 inches tall. Unfortunately, the sword is bent, and I can't fix it (damn bendy plastic!)


A credit to dementia
An easy way to fix it is, dip the sword in some hot water, like as hot as you can get your tap water. Leave it in for a min or two. Then simply press it between a couple books and leave it for a while. It should be as straight as the day you bought it!
unfortunately it's soft plastic, and it was never straight when i first bought it, so whenever i bend it back straight, it reverts to it's original form, which is bent. Thx for the idea thou, i appreciate it.
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