Need help with a tattoo

Does anyone know where I can get a high res image of this pic? It looks like a screen cap of something off of the eclipse area with all of the god hands. That tower made of faces. This is damn near impossible to find.

Im not too bueno at forums so I hope this comes up.



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That's an illustration that was done for the Trading Card Game released by Konami in 2003. It's part of the third extension (BK4). The card's title is "demons of the night". It's taken from the scene at the beginning of volume 17 when specters are starting to form while Guts is a prisoner of the Holy Iron Chain Knights (Puck liberates him in time).

That picture has apparently been reused illegally for some online, unofficial and visibly shitty card game you stumbled on.

Luckily for you, I happened to scan this card in high resolution back in the day to make avatars for the forum. And I still have it. I've sent you the picture by email.
jackson_hurley said:
Sick! How long did it take? It's very nice, by the way!
It took about 5 hours straight through. I just need some more ideas to finish this arm. This is my second berserk tattoo. Going to keep the theme for the whole arm me thinks.
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