New Band Of the Hawk.

Death May Die

"That day you left, that's when I knew."
I for one think the new band of the hawk is badass. It's almost funny watching these guys with Griffith just so easily kill everyone. Its like putting "God Mode" on in a video game. You can only enjoy how one sided the battles are. I love it.

I just love how Griffith just leaps across the army troops and kills the king or commanding officer like it didn't even matter. Which it really doesn't in the end. :void:
They aren't invincible though, but ya that is part of what Berserk is about, someone trying to overcome impossible and miserable situations. I would actually like to know more about the backgrounds and such of Locus, Irvine, Grunbeld.


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Whilst your name may imply redundancy, do you actually have a point?

Griffith's new army is not invulnerable, as Guts demonstrated at Flora's house. But that should be obvious.... what exactly are you attempting to discuss?
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