New Digital Art Techniques in Berserk


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Aheh yeah no I don't like it either, it kills so much detail. I meant pretty in the scare quotes kind of way. "Pretty."
So after the release of two additional episodes are there any new further insights the experienced artists on this forum have noticed with the art? So far the most significant changes I've noticed is that the most recent episodes are definitely using a thicker brush size for the lineart, which also results in slightly less crosshatching lines. Also characters eyes definitely seem to be drawn slightly larger than before. I've seen some commenters on other parts of the web saying Miura art has gotten more "moe-ish" in a disparaging manner (or outright claiming that Miura's art has degraded in quality), but I think that's a unfair and inaccurate evaluation of the most recent Episodes' art.
I mean we saw in the guidebook that he's using a tablet, we don't know to what extent he's using it to thought. Besides the tablet, nothing has changed in the art compared to the past few episodes. thicker lines and less hatching, using screen-tones instead of hatching or not using either (on people's faces). everyone in the crew looks great except guts, his face looked iffy in some panels. the double-spreads are still as detailed as ever. A lot of the other things you mention are things guys on reddit are saying, after reading scanlations which are high resolution but shit quality. Because they're high res, tiny manga panels that aren't supposed to be detailed are being blown up into a large size so they might not look great, zoom out and see for yourself how dense each page is. There is also the fact that Miura is drawing like 10+ characters in each panel. If you go back and look at previous volumes and look at pages that have the same senario as pages in current episodes where characters are talking in small sized panels, you'll see that the current episodes look better which a lot more things going on in these smaller panels. I've said this earlier in this thread and ill say it again, its clear that the artstyle itself is changing and we now know for sure that Miura is using a tablet to an extent, give him time to adjust and master this medium and you'll see great results. Berserk is going to be around for a very long time and the art will of course change again in the future, Miura is always evolving. but yeah there is my two cents on the whole situation, it would be pretty cool if Miura talks about digital art in the guidebook interview.
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So now after over three years what are your thought about the digital art now?
Personally, i never had a problem with it, i think many people are exaggerating, i have even seen people call Miura's new "artstyle" ugly and i completely disagree, for me it's still amazing.

I mean, i caught up when Miura was already drawing digitally so i didn't really notice it at first. :shrug:
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