New F/S Thread

Here's my new f/s thread , just click the link . I created an ebay account with the name ill be using once i get my anime store up and running , so here you can see what im selling . So far its just some pieces out my partners collection and my own but we'll adding more stuff periodically . I have a lot of dbz figures and some new berserk stuff coming in so i'll add them once they arrive . If possible .. could one of the mods remove my older f/s threads please ? Also for those of you who don't know i'll be opening an online anime store with my business partner in the coming months . We'll be selling everything under the anime/manga blanket so figures, shirts, cosplay , posters, dvds, manga, the whole deal , but we'll be specializing in figures and statues cause that's what we like most lol . We'll also have a forum , voting polls , anime/manga history, product reviews , lots of stuff to make shopping with us more fun . Anyway please let me know if you have questions about anything in my link .
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