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Hi everyone!

First of all I apologize for my English but I'm a Italian guy. So, I started reading Berserk 10 years ago and it completely changed my life and my way of thinking about life and reality.

I define Miura "sick mind" in a positive way because only he could have created such a work, so complex, very psychological and with such a linear but above all logical narration, which is no small feat for a 40-volume manga.

I can't wait for the new chapter (361) to come out to know something about the Skull Knight's past, one of my favorite Berserk characters.

See you on the forum!
Welcome to SK :guts:

If you're impressed with Miura's work, then you should go ahead and read some of the analyses in this forum if you haven't already. They will make you appreciate Miura's achievement even more. Have fun!
Thank you very much!

Yes, I have already read many analyzes, also because I have been following the forum for 5 years, only that I had never signed up before.
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