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A new Metroid-inspired Batman game for 3DS and Vita from the team that led Metroid Prime:
Interesting, maybe this will be better than Mirror of Fate..


My posts are better.

I'm awarding myself a million points for calling this and not investing in an XL, even when they dangled a cool golden Zelda edition with game in front of me just in time for Christmas, because I KNEW they were going to inevitably release something like this! I'm deducting points from myself though because I may still not buy this (so, it's like I'm more miserly than prescient =). I haven't played my 3DS in earnest for a long time, so it may be too late for me (like last time, how do I justify buying a second of something I don't really use). After all, I have to save my money for Mario Kart DLC I also won't play. Plus, the second stick might be sort of a bullshit second stick, we'll see. The new features look pretty cool though and it's priced about the same as an XL.


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I would totally jump on this, even though I already own an XL .... If there were anything coming out in the next year or so that I was excited to play.


I'm actually struggling to decide to get the regular size or the XL. I have the XL and though the screens are nice, I find I don't play as often because I can't just stick it in my pocket. The regular size has definitely caught my eye, especially with those snazzy looking interchangeable plates. The only issue is that Nintendo just can't figure out where to leave the stylus. They change it with each revision of the 3DS, it's like clockwork now. It will be on the left side when the Newer 3DS XL comes out.
I'm not sure how I feel about this. With Nintendo's handheld history, it's common to see revisions of older systems be reworked, like DS, DSI, XL, and so on, but the fact that you won't be able to play certain exclusive games on it doesn't sit well with me. I got the 2DS last November and I don't feel like putting out more money for another. I think this is probably a good deal for gamers who haven't had the chance to pick up any 3DS yet, but I'll most likely pass.

Also can't wait for Smash Brothers 3DS! :)
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