Opinions for my next kit... any suggestions?

Helloooo all,

So it's gonna be a while from now, but John (my painter), will be working on the following kits next. Of course, I'm really excited about them, but I'm trying to think of a cool way to display them... like... what kind of bases should they have, or what other various mods could be added? Any suggestions? It doesn't HAVE to be anything super fancy, but I want to do something that's a little more exciting than just putting both busts on a plain wooden base and that's it...

Here are the kits:

Guts Bust

more pics here: http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~megatech/guts-kao-f.html​

I really like this kit, and it's a decent size too. I mean, it's not LIFESIZE of course, not even close, but it's a bigger than the AOW busts and it definitely is big enough where John can add a lot of detail to the skin, scrapes, eyes, etc etc. I'm just trying to think of what kind of base should rest under him.

SK Bust

manga pic:

I will probably want John to make some sort of crown of thorns and rose, as pictured above, but I'm trying to think of what else to do to it (or to the base). The original sculptor displayed his like this:

It's definitely cool, but I think it'll be nicer if I actually the rose on his crown like it's supposed to be...

Any thoughts??


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DirectDK said:
Any suggestions?
About the Guts bust, I don't really know about the base, maybe something like a rock, can't really detail what I'm visualizing... However I think John should try to give him a broader jaw, on these pictures it's a bit too sharp to me, he looks like he's been designed by Tetsuo Hara... Just my opinion of course.

About the skull, the crown of thorns and the rose are a must of course, without them it actually doesn't look so good IMO, you can feel that something's amiss. Concerning the base or some other details... I have no idea right now, I just think it might be better to concentrate on the item and not to have a huge base like the one the sculptor made.
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