Picture of an object found in 1872

Here's the picture: MySpace LINK
It's 4 inches long, 2 1/2 inches thick. It does have other symbols carved on it, an arrow, a moon, an ear of corn, and a spiral.
It was found near Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire in 1872.
It is on display in the Museum of new Hampshire in Concord.


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It's funny. It looks like it's hollow and can be opened by removing the part with the face on it, any indication about that?


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Well I am pretty close to New Hampshire, I can just go down there, get my hands on it, and rule the woooorld! *que evil laughter*



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Interesting find, and yeah, it does look like you can pop the face out.  Wonder what it was used for, if anything.


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Raziel said:
Wonder what it was used for, if anything.
It could just be an ornamented box, I've quite a bit that weren't unlike this one (save for the specific egg-like shape), and that came from various different civilizations too. Then again it could also simply be a decorated stone, it's hard to tell from this low-quality picture.
It is called only "the Mystery Stone."
"The American Naturalist suggested the stone "commemorates a treaty between two tribes." Others have guessed Celtic or Inuit." -Valley News
It is made of a type of quartzite, derived from sandstone, or mylonite. The rock type is not familiar to New Hampshire, but thew state has not been ruled out as the source.
No word in the article if the face opens, but I'm guessing that it is solid.



Now you've got me fantasizing about someone finding something Beherit-like in some strange archeo. dig OR IN HIS OWN GARDEN and then ... oh boy let's not get into fanfic scenario :guts:

p.s. <stares through the garden view window> I wonder where my shovel is...


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Wow, eerie. I wonder if someone buried a model of a behelit and the future generations read berserk....god that would be awesome.

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Perhaps its already been used? To my memory the behelit alligns itself when used. Obviously joke aside, that's still a very odd artifact, and we can dream!


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Young Nastyman said:
Perhaps its already been used? To my memory the Beherit alligns itself when used.
It doesn't last. They return to their disfigured selves afterwards.


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In the first picture, there is a hole in the top, or what appears to be a hole.  What do you suppose that was...erm... is? Where a clasp might have been?

I mean the very top, its peak. Where the design is. Looks like a small opening.


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JhizakYahr said:
In the first picture, there is a hole in the top, or what appears to be a hole.
Looks like a simple crack to me, but without better pictures I can't really tell.

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I live around a half-hours drive away from Concord . . . I wonder what my Apostle form will be?
Seriously though, I'll try to make it out to the museum when I have time and I'll bring my camera.
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