Possible brainwashing happening at Falconia?

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I sort of just realized this, but in volume 38, Erica makes some off-handed remark referring to Guts and the Dragonslayer to both Luca and Daiba, but none of them can remember him. I found that to be pretty odd as they both had very prominent experiences with him that they shouldn't just forget him, especially Daiba who had to actually fight Guts. Maybe there's some serious mindfucking going on besides the souls of the dead schtick Griffith has going on.


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The implication wasn't that they had forgotten him. They just didn't name him. Both Luka and Daiba have this look on their faces that's like "Hmm, sword as big as a person, now where've I seen that before...?"

It's a mostly comical moment about acknowledging (to readers) these characters have all shared encounters with Guts. If one of them had named him, they'd all have gone :isidro: and it would have been distracting for the scene.
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