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All praise Grail

some cool stuff here
Oburi said:

some cool stuff here
Pretty awesome. I'd like to see the full videos that those GIFs came from.

How tumblr felt about movie Griffith and Guts:


Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Can't remember where I stumbled on this one. Never really thought of them as "bro" types but I still find it amusing because I hate the phrase it's referencing.

This one might be slightly NSFW but only for suggestive text.

My apologies if any of these have been posted before. Went through the whole thread (good stuff) but about half the images wouldn't load for me.


Sylph Sword
IncantatioN said:
Haha ... also enjoyed those other 2 images you had on earlier

It blows my mind how accurate we are in space trajectory. I mean, it's just the laws of motion and a bunch of calculations, but still. I think I read somewhere that we landed within a few minutes of the projected time estimated in 2004. So awesome.
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