Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

There also will be a Skull Knight on horse statue which will be very expensive

Yeah... estimated to the tune of $3600 USD which is craziness. I mean, it will be massive at 1/4 scale, and surely amazing. But man... it will hurt.

As for the SK standing pose they just revealed... I am not a fan of the overly metallic paint job. But the proportions of the piece are quite nice, and the battle damage look is an interesting take on him. The candles will flicker (which may look kind of cheesy) but I do like the base in general. Pose is not very creative but since this is P1's first SK and they tend to do very standard poses for their museum line, it is to be expected.

Originally, I had every intent to buy both, but if the horse one is gonna be $3600, I might have to do the responsible thing... (which is buy neither lol but of course that won't be the case!)

Also here's a size comparison:

Some more pics:
I'm only getting Prime 1's 1/3 scale Guts (the 1/4 scale Guts's faces look horrible imo) but I'm really impressed in the level of detail each statue has (well you'd hope if you're paying over a grand for it lol). I'm sure the SK on horseback statue will look amazing, but $3,600 for a statue seems a liiiiittle much for what it is. Kind of wish we'd go back to 1/6 scale statues.
Skull Knights shoulders should be wider, shoulder pads need to be angled down more, spikes on the pads look too long and skinny and also need to be angled down more. I was really hoping they nailed this one but damn I can't get over those concerns.
This 1/4 line is amazing but I can't afford it, too much characters but I ordered the Guts 1/3, Its the ultimate Guts I was always looking for (sword held, face and base ...)
Miura gifted Prime 1 Studio a new shikishi. It's currently being displayed at their shop.

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It looks great :isidro:

But I won't lie, for a second I thought that it was the same sketch he did for the Musou game back in 2016.

The way he drew Guts now is kinda different, his face is a bit longer, I really like it :guts:
It looks great :isidro:

But I won't lie, for a second I thought that it was the same sketch he did for the Musou game back in 2016.

The way he drew Guts now is kinda different, his face is a bit longer, I really like it :guts:
Good eye! I like the new sketch better, which is odd because I don't like the direction he's been going artistically with the last few chapters.
Love Casca's pose but for some reason her face doesn't scream "Casca" to me, similar to their 1/4 Guts and Griffith statues. Guess Prime 1's sculptors' face sculpts and artistic liberties they take on sculpts just aren't my cup of tea.
Also, not exactly sure what it is about SK's statue, but it seems a little underwhelming. Might be the yellow eyes, or I was expecting the pose to have the same level of majesty the Art of War horse-riding ones had.


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Both statues are 1/4 scale.
SK looks a bit chunky to me, proportion wise. Could be the angle, but I feel he looks a tiny bit squished.
Thanks for the pictures Derek! You're right, SK is definitely too short compared to the horse. Not even chunky I'd say, just small in comparison. That's unfortunate.

Casca looks great. Love the nod to Adon too lol.
Yeah that's a nice base, probably my favorite one they've produced for this line. I do like the statue a lot overall, but like Léon-Solide says the face does look a little off as far as the likeness goes. I guess they're going for a more realistic style. Still a great piece either way.
Casca is great, really love the sculpt and concept presented overall.

Skull's hard to put my thoughts in words. I don't think it's bad, but something is off about it and it misses the mark for me.

At $2,849 my expectations are quite high.
The Skull Knight statue is massive, 39 inches tall and i love the base- The Sk sculpt is not perfection, but i think overall its a great sculpt. I love the Casca statue on the other hand, especially the base. Personally i will pass on both and wait for their Berserk Armor Guts in 1/3 scale.
Prime 1 also unveiled a new line of smaller sack-like figurines, called Cutie1, with Guts, Griffith, and Zodd!
Set for release in May and each runs for 3,500 yen. No further details released yet but they seem to be about 4 or 5 inches tall.

Zodd definitely looks the cutest of the bunch haha.
That being said, I'm absolutely loving how much Berserk Prime 1 has been pumping out. And hey, I'm all for Berserk collectibles that don't cost a forearm and an eye! :guts:
Huge ones were also displayed at the event (Winter Wonder Festival 2020 in Tokyo):

Not a fan of those Cutie 1 pieces at all.

As for Casca I think she's perfect and fits in great with the realism Prime 1 has implemented with Guts and the other pieces in the line. I'm not sure about Skull knight though.

The spikes on his shoulders are too long and thin and are too angled upwards. They would be more angled down. I'm also not a big fan of all the mixed media. The fabric cape looks good but there is SO much of it on the horse and SK himself. Being that the only other piece in the line that has that much media is the 1/3 Guts I'm not sure how ell this will fit in with the rest. The horses snout is too thick IMO. Idk, for $2,850 BEFORE shipping this thing needs to be a home run and right now there are still some issues with it that make it so I can not justify that price.
2850 u have to factor in space issues and possible damage / returns which will give you big headaches. This skull knight may come w 3-4 boxes like Optimus prime and shockwave. No more collaboration w sideshow means that we are looking to pay 700-1000$ just for the shipping. And do you have the room to store these 3-4 refrigerator size boxes plus displaying the piece? I’m not Sure how many fans can pay 3600$+ for that piece. Definitely not me.

ATTN: I just went to prime 1 website and checked the shipping price. For economy which gets to you in 2-3 monthes costs you 690$. Express shipping costs you 1000$.
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Took the plunge on SK on horse deluxe. This was always intended to be my farewell piece from Berserk, because statue collecting, especially Berserk statue collecting is just to damn expensive and space consuming. Its better than the AOW days, but its now radically different in other ways (cost, space, extreme shipping issues).

I am not thrilled about the shipping, because economy shipping is a hot mess with P1 right now. I have another Berserk statue on order that has seemingly been held up for months. So its regular shipping or bust. I just hope they get their stuff together and drop that shipping to something at least tolerable. They have similar statues that ship for 1/2 to 1/3 of the price. I just hope this isn't some sorta over charge the die-hard fans thing. That would not be cool.

I have faith P1 will do this piece proud. My Berserker armor statue is amazing, the pride of my collection and I often stare at it in amazement. I have no doubt I will do the same with SK/H. I have already ordered a custom case to fit this monster and look forward to putting it on display.

Last, the shoulder spikes issues has been brought up by some of the P1 collectors and the ball is now in P1's court to fix it. They have listened to the fans in the past, lets hope they keep it up. I will post pictures next year when the statue comes in.
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Deluxe not exclusive. ;) Mostly semantics but to be clear you can buy from domestic retailers. It isn't exclusive to Prime1's webshop.
Whoops, you're actually right. Guess I got that mixed up because of the other Exclusive versions we've had.


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During their "Next Level Showcase" Prime 1 Studio has revealed a new 1/4 Guts statue, featuring his modern design and interchangeable heads for the Beast of Darkness and the Skull Knight Berserker Armor Helmet. The Base seems to be inspired by the fight on the beach, or an amalgamation of it and Virtannis considering the inclusion of a Daka and two Pishacha on the base.

The official teaser picture is this little shot of his head, but it obviously doesn't show a whole lot so I capped some screens from the reveal and added those for reference as well. Hopefully there'll be some HD pictures floating around soon enough.

More pictures (imgur)
Prime 1 Studio Next Level Showcase (youtube)

It's currently 5am where I live, so I'm more concerned with getting some sleep in than organizing my thoughts on this piece, but I always said to myself that I'd get a modern 1/4 Guts from Prime 1 if they ever made one and it seems like they delivered pretty well. I'm especially impressed that they not only chose to include different portraits, but two helmets, two poses and (apparently) four sets of arms in this piece. That's a lot of thought put into a piece that could have ended up very similar to the two Black Swordsman Guts statues.

Also considering the Dragonslayer seems to be a bit smaller than in previous iterations, this one might be save from some unwanted bending while pointing up.
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