Proj's colors

I can take a hint......maybe the pink is too much..... :-[ here it is revised people....LOL....dang it!

p.s. yea it did look a little barbie-ish..... :-\
Rhombaad said:
Very nice! The only thing that kinda bugged me was the brightness of the pink ground. Maybe making it more of a flesh color would be better? ???
I agree with this. (Red/orange?)

your making some beautiful stuff here!

Proj2501 said:
New stuff:
Took too long becuz of all the stupid papers i've had to do for college...BARF!
thats a really great coloring job. 8)
What's goin on everyone? I'm havin trouble deciding on what to work on next...NEED IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS!!!...and on a non-Berserk related question(hope i dont get yelled at for askin); does anyone read Blade of the Immortal?...I have all the tradepaper backs but was wondering where online they offer scans, like for Berserk...if someone can let me know I'd appreciate it....and yes I NEED SUGGESTIONS!!!!! Peace out people.
really appreciate your coloring!..

although the face of the witch (upper one---lowest image) seems not right in some way(too much red or something or just those strangesmudge-places?)..

And I personally always thought of 'the big god guy'(lost his name now!!?) always had a very pale face (death/zombie/mask style--inhuman)......


maybe just my imagination..?
I could see where ur comin from...yea when u first see his face its very squared off, when hes pissed its becomes more human as opposed to statue-like....and in the above pic hes super my interpretation, and the witch in the panel u mentioned, yea i've been meanin' to change it but havent becuz i've been a lazy s.o.b. lately :p ...i dont know what to color next tho....need ur thoughts!! ???

New Stuff ;D


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Wow.  That vol 15, page 78 color job is GOOD.  Great sense of dark things on a bright day.  *bows* Excellent work!  Man!  That's such a good volume too.  Brings back memories.  Of burning ghost kids.

I agree with your colors for Mozgus too, he's supposed to be all freakin out and red in the face in that scene.

Kid Berserk there is asking about the fonts used in the translation.  He didn't realise they are Hawks scanslations.

Suggestions for new colors?  Damn, there's so much cool shit to choose from..  How about..  Um... 

Berserk fucking rocks so bad...

Hm, well, if you want to start a real crazy project, I wouldn't mind working with you to color a big chunk of the Roshinu apostle fight and the scene of Guts freaking Sidekick Girl out of following him afterwards.  It would be so cool to get a whole sequence colored.   8)

Or, any of the quiet scenes on the beach near Vritannis between when they first reach the ocean and when they get to the lil cottage, would look badass in your style.

Oh oh oh! I know! The 2-page spread from near the end of volume 11 where Zodd shows up! Wyald and Zodd both looking badass as hell and a lot of trees and armor, which you do excellently with. ;)
Funny u mention that Lith....i selected a few pages from the volumes last night and the Wylad/Zodd scene u mentioned was one i was considering...however theres a slight crease in 'my' scan..perhaps the one u have doesnt have this...but yea i'd love to work on suttin with lemme kno boss....Peace---> 8)




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Very nice. I like the earthy tones you used in this one. The only thing I would have changed is the metal, which is too light in my opinion (they just don't seem as evil). Great job though.

PS: I just realized how large that horse that Zodd is riding must be.
Pretty awesome stuff, maybe one day after decades of practice, I will be able to do 1% as good as you. :-X

- C
For all you Slan lovers out there...

Enjoy....not too much.... :-X
EDIT: Her and Puck are doing the same pose.....AWESOME!!!! :eek:


The one and only severed head
Grunbeld's face appears to be missing in the lower right pannel. Other than that, it looks great.
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