Question about the Anime (Episode 16)

On the cliff in episode 16 am I correct in thinking that is the skull knight? And to my knowledge it is the only time he appears in the Anime series to 'aid', I hope for a second season but doubt it. Thanks.


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SirWence said:
Ya , it makes sense now. However it appears saving him in the long run has had an adverse effect on their plans.
Well, who knows what would have happened if Guts had died at that moment? I wouldn't bet on Griffith's survival. Think about it: Boscone was a skilled general as well as a fearful fighter and he had seen through Griffith's tactic. The Tudor army panicked and scattered after he died, which was part of Griffith's plan. Without his early death, the victory wouldn't have been half as easy...

Then there's the fact that Guts' death would probably have affected Griffith as much (or almost) as his departure, and that he would have gone to Charlotte (if not: no torture, no sacrifice). Who then would have saved him? Without Guts there would have been no rescue expedition. Not a successful one at least.

Anyway, Zodd didn't expect Guts to survive the Eclipse; but even so, he hasn't been a major hinderance until now as far as the God Hand is concerned (that may start changing soon though).
Aazealh said:
Anyway, Zodd didn't expect Guts to survive the Eclipse;
I am also thinking that the reason why Guts must die in the eclipse or expected to die is because he longer has any "used" value for the completion of God hand...

Perhap also silencing him too... Since he is the only one who truly know what type of person he is... But i guess it wouldnt bother Griffith that much since he left him alive back in vol 22
I think another reason why Zodd throws Guts his sword, is because back in episode 6 or 7 I beleive (where they first meet) Zodd says Guts was the first one in many many years that defended against his attack, and first to wound him like he did, and that is what he lives for... battle, I've always felt that, that was one of the reasons, but im also pretty sure it has to do alot with what Aazealh said.
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