Remembering Kentarou Miura

Only 3? It feels like it was 10 years ago, at this point. The anniversary itself doesn't hit me much anymore, because I think about Miura almost every day. It's a hard lump inside me at this point, unchanging, unhealing. There's no rationalizations left to make. What I've settled on is that his death is a symbol of this chaotic existence that is unmoved by perseverance or the good one brings into the world.

It's a consolation that diving back into his older material still makes me wonder at how he was so thoughtful about episodes like The Brand, where he was slowly peeling back the layers of the world he was building, even though he was barely 20. Man was a genius.
A thought for Miura-sensei, who would have been 58 today. May he rest in peace.
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