Removed pages from episode 133

Found on Twitter (X) by FrostiFusionZ_

These cut pages from the end of episode 133 aren't anything major to the plot as the same events were redone in the following episode. But the last panel's Guts was used in the volume 18 inside title. Overall fine art by Miura that unfortunately didn't make it into the volume. And as has been speculated these might have been cut because it was too short/anticlimactic entrance as this is the first time Guts swings his reforged dragon slayer, so Miura extended the scene significantly in the next episode.

Translation: The same lines are used as the first lines of episode 134.
(DH) "Wasn't that a bit...", "...sudden?"

I know of the removed page from episode 167 and of course episode 83. But I would like to know if there are any other known instances of pages just simply being pulled out.


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There's been a bunch of changes from the magazine to the volumes over the years, but it's usually minute, like slight changes in the lines or panel realignement, that sort of stuff. This old Japanese fan site lists a number of them if you care.

As far as full pages are concerned, excluding episode 83, there have been more additions than removals, and episode 25 (at the end of volume 7) is the biggest one with basically four new pages. For page removals specifically, in addition to what you listed there's also this one from volume 10. There's more but can't think of any right now, I haven't had coffee yet.

I've been meaning to comprehensively catalogue every change eventually, but it's a big job once you start so... I'm going to put it off a little longer. :schnoz:


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Nice! Always cool seeing cut content like this. And it also answers the question of "where was that particular Guts image from?" (inside the dust jacket).

If you look at the flow of ep 133-134, having this two page spread in 133 kick off the action earlier kind of screws up the tension built between episodes. The Bakiraka just decimated these mercenary clowns. But how will Guts do? Whereas now we have a clear distinction between buildup and action. So it's an understandable change.
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