Returning Characters

Seeing that some characters from previous arcs have reappeared and/or have having roles to play recently, I thought it would be fun to know which characters you guys are expecting to pull up again (even cameos or mentions) on the future episodes. Or maybe not expecting, but characters you atleast would like to make a reappearance and/or play a role (major or minor) in the future.

Personally, out of all the possible characters, I'd like to see more of Jill in particular. Lost Children touched me very much and Jill is a very nice lass, it's kinda sad if we never got to know if she even survived the sudden surge of astral creatures.
I doubt Miura planned so far ahead when Berserk was still at Blackswordsman Arc but yeah, I think the Fantasia arc would be a nice opportunity to bring back Theresia too! Especially since she bears a grudge on Guts (who would likely be an enemy to Griffith's kingdom). She could also be more accepting towards apostles since her father was one.

Also, I wonder what happened to Nina too. Sure she wasn't exactly a likable character, but she did undergo development. I wonder if she survived too
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