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...and I was wondering if anyone has tried to play the game with the new slimmer, smaller PS2 that came out a couple of days ago. It's a flip-top system, but I wasn't sure if it would work w/any of the swap discs. Any info?


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davedapunk said:
What do you mean? Some PS2 games can be played online, so i think it was a fair, logical question to ask!
This one can't, though.

And since it's pretty much a good old Beat 'em all type game, and that it's designed for a single player, there's really no way that it could be played online.


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davedapunk said:
What do you mean? Some PS2 games can be played online, so i think it was a fair, logical question to ask!
What percentage of PS2 games actually support online play? Like .03%? The only one that immediately springs to mind is the atrocious FFXI.

Even then, there are so many other reasons why it seems unlikely. I mean, unless you were expecting a game radically different from the DC game Berserk, how would you even incorportate online gameplay? Actually, when designing any game based on Berserk, unless it's some sort of mini-game, how would you manage to include online play? Where, in all the other threads, previews, or reviews on the net has the idea even been suggested?


I just got the game over the weekend, but hadn't had much of a chance to play until today (my brother-in-law and sister were in town). I am very impressed. I really like that you get a chance to go back into past levels and accomplish new goals. The experience system is very nice. It reminds me of old games like "River City Ransom" and "Mighty Final Fight".

For the people that have had a chance to play a little more than I, is there anything above the "Sword Master" rating, like if you reach 150 kills in a row?

I'll post more impressions later. ;)


I don't beleive there is anything after sword master, I once got a 273 combo, and it repeated sword master quite a few of those times, and still nothing new. :)
I am still waiting on my copy sadly :( its been 10 days sense Lik-sang has shipped my copy... so hoping to get tomorrow (19th) or on the 20th....

But from what i have read running back and forth from this board and Gamefaq's board (besides the people here not being stupid lol) is that a guy got a 300 and some kill combo and still only had swordmaster so i asume that its the highest combo title.


All I have to say is that luck was on my side then. ;D
My next highest was only 172.(another lucky shot)
After that is only in the 130 range.(this one seems common to me during the troll stage.  The demo gave me so much practice)
But normally I can only reach the hundred mark when utterly swarmed. ;D
Source from One  week sells.

1 Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Oranai Ashitae Bandai PS2 ACT  169,985
2 Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki Nintendo GBA S.RPG  153,974
3 Berserk: Millennium Falcon: The Holy Evil War Sammy PS2 ACT  51,448
4 Naruto: Narutimet Hero 2 Bandai PS2 FIG 42,115 
5 Pokemon Emerald Pokemon GBA RPG 38,883 
6 Tales of Symphonia Namco PS2 RPG 22,645
7 Space Battleship Yamato: Iscandar heo Tsuioku Bandai PS2 AVG 21,468 
8 Sengoku Musou Moushouden Koei PS2 ACT 15,639
9 Famicom Mini: Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo GBA ACT 13,223
10 Jissen Pachislot Hisshouhou Hokutonoken Sammy PS2 SLG 10,145

Berserk sold pretty well. Let's hope this courageous Yukes to make another Berserk game for either for the PS2 or or maybe for the PS3. 8)
Alright someone spoil the new info that was in this game for me.  The whole Guts fighting his old comrades, the new little wizard, and the whole fight with Zodd at the end.  Please, spoil the hell outta me here.


dwarfkicker said:
Alright someone spoil the new info that was in this game for me.  The whole Guts fighting his old comrades
I took this as one of the "new little wizard"'s tricks on Guts mind.  You always fight them when close to charles or his sister
, the new little wizard,
He is an apostle that you must fight in the game, but I cannot speak or read japanese to tell you any more than that.
and the whole fight with Zodd at the end.
This seemed to just be an extension of the Grunbeld fight, In the manga flora separates guts from Grunbeld so they can escape, and in the game flora is stoping Zodd.
Please, spoil the hell outta me here.


I am currently on the third (now fourth) level. I can't believe how many guys you fight! I received nearly thirty thousand experience points in that level alone. It reminds me so much of the old days. ;D
Help me with this...

Stamina 20 000 - Maybe raises health (?)
Berserker Mode 15 000 - Seems to change his stance (?)
Sword Speed 45 000 - Obvious
Sword Combos  7500 - Obvious
Concentrated attack 10 000 - More swings and better recovery
Cannon Arm 20 000 - ? (maybe recharge faster?)
Bowgun 10 000 - ? (maybe recharge faster?)
Mini-grenades 15 000 - Max upto 3
Knifes throwing 7500 - Max upto 5
I got this game yesterday and god i played the shit out of it, beat it in one setting of 10 hours. Game is great i love it, only issue i got is some of the levels can get a little annoying when you get lost and are not sure of what to do next... Also the music does sorta suck in the game but i dont really lisen to it just enjoy slaughtering.

Oh and by the way i think Sword Speed changes his stance.. cause i maxed that out and Guts started Carrying the Dragon Slayer on his shoulders
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