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I finally got this game last evening. I barely started chapter 3. I really love when you hack and slash at the trolls their blood splatters all over you. The first 2 chapters are kinda boring because it's not gorey enough, but fighting Zodd is a hell of a lot of fun.

I saw in a video you get to even face Griffith. I can't wait to do that.
Yeah, i just unlocked all the spectial weapons except for pucks burr.. still gotta re beat the game to go back and get all the other stuff... But I know what you mean about Zodd.

Hell after i unlocked everything on the Dreamcast game all i would do is keep going back and fighting Zodd, somthing about Guts vs Zodd ive always enjoyed even in the manga when i fight i find it some of the best reading, however Grunbeld is a pretty cool fight too.


Para Para Hawk
Well I finally beat the ogre (spelt ogle in the screen when you fight him) and now I'm off from Inokku to save Caska. Maybe the hacking and slashing is repetitive at time, but it relieves a lot of stress and I think it's cool when the ground and Gutts is all covered in blood.


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Does the fact that this game is in Japanese have any difference on the game play? (for those that can't speak Japanese). Is there an option to have it in English? Do people still actually know whats going on?


Sure there are limits to me not knowing japanese when I play this game, but the gameplay is not interupted, since it is mostly a hack and slash, and when their is a specific goal they usually give you good visual clue to know,"Hey, I gotta destroy that tower."

There is not an option for english subtitles, but even this does not distract much from the story, as long as you have read the manga, except those parts that have been added into the story(the scenes with charles, and the fallen B.O.T.H.)

So yeah, I cannot speak or read japanese, but I can still enjoy this game, although getting the branded box was a slight let down :'(, but at least I can play the game. ;D
Thanks for showing your fucking support to the creators of the game.
Relax chief. I have every intention of purchasing the game. I'm just taking it for a test run. I'm the type of person who downloads scans, and then when the actual volume comes out, I go out and buy it. So no worries, chief.

Where did the iso come from? ie. what site, or the exact file name.
It came from the suprnova site. And the exact file name is:


dwarfkicker said:
It came from the suprnova site. And the exact file name is:
Well, I am not a member of solops2, so I cannot look up the password for you, and I do not wish to go through the trouble of regestering.  The iso you got is from solops2, if you wish, in their forums are the required passwords for their files.  That is all that I can tell you.Click here for a link to the forums there.

Psymont 2.0 said:
Help me with this...

Stamina 20 000 - Maybe raises health (?)
Berserker Mode 15 000 - Seems to change his stance (?)
Sword Speed 45 000 - Obvious
Sword Combos  7500 - Obvious
Concentrated attack 10 000 - More swings and better recovery
Cannon Arm 20 000 - ? (maybe recharge faster?)
Bowgun 10 000 - ? (maybe recharge faster?)
Mini-grenades 15 000 - Max upto 3
Knifes throwing 7500 - Max upto 5
Stamina raises your defense, makes you able to take more hits with less damage.100%->130%->150%->180%-.300%

Berserker Mode increases the time you can be in the berserker state. 8s->16s->32s->128s

Canon Arm helps decrease recovery time.

Bowgun increases continuous fire time, not recovery time


Para Para Hawk
My friend beat it already and got his copy a week before I did. I honestley can't wait to get the Berserk armor after hearing how bad ass it is. I don't know if you people are downloading are gonna buy anyway (like I did with Narutimate Hero 2), but all I can say it is worth it and the people who made this game deserve our money 8).
I don't know if you people are downloading are gonna buy anyway (like I did with Narutimate Hero 2), but all I can say it is worth it and the people who made this game deserve our money.
I totally agree.  I'm not bullshitting when I say I'm gonna buy.

Fuck it. I'm not wasting my time signing up for a forum that's all in spanish just for a password. I'll just order it now ;D.
dl it from sign up though)

ive got all my crap maxed out except for 2 and then i went and played it on expert mode and i suck again... all those power ups really are noticable after you restart...
I will say the only thing that i dont like about being in the Berserker armor (Beast mode) or whatever you wanna call it is he... seems so speradic and even though you controle him you have limited controle cause he just sorta jumps around and swings like crazy...

Which is really cool but it gets frustrating when your going for the 100 animal slaughter where you have to kill 100 trolls in a combo within 3 minutes...
the trick for that one is to relax and take a running swing than relax and take another... guts puts the blade horizontally and does a clothesline type thing... if you stall after that you can keep doing it... easy to aim and good coverage...
Some on another forum said you can wear Grunbeld's armor.  Are there unlockables for clearing the different difficulties? 

Can you unlock the following:
-different armors for Guts
-Puck mini game like in the DC
-no limit mode like in the DC
yeah thats what i ended up doing with that one is running around doing the close line thing to all the little creatures...

As for the grunbelds armor and all that i dont think so i mean i have only beat it on easy but from everything i have read all the way up to the codes and cheats on gamefaqs says nothing about that stuff
i doubt there is anymore than what we have already found...

i figured out how to spin forward after doing the cannon... i think all you have to do is rotate the analog as fast as you can while shooting and attack... this is nice when fighting a boss cause you keep up your momentum rather than ending up half way across the screen...

guts can also do a double spin backwards...

and of course there is the traditional one spin backwards...


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Finally got mine working... holy crap :D

I suck at figuring out combos and such, so can someone help me out with a combo page for the guide I swiped/made? If anyone can PM me with a list of exact descriptions of moves, I'll make a page and add it to

Links to other guides/tips would rock too, as I aparrantly suck at navigating game sites & can't find crap...
Thats a cool little page there, like how it maps out everything and such. Lots of good information now if only someone would translate all the movies >.< i sure in the hell would like to know about Charles and what the hawks are saying to Guts before each fight.


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Darkadien Zurel said:
i sure in the hell would like to know about Charles and what the hawks are saying to Guts before each fight.
Charles has a grudge against Guts because he entered his house, and disrupted the nice little illusionary world he had created. He keeps saying "don't come, stop!, go away" when you get into the house. He explains to him that he lived happily with his family but that thugs came to his house and burned everything down, killing his parents, etc, and that's when he found a beherit.

He then tells Guts that by entering his house, he destroyed his world, the same way the pillagers destroyed his world back then by burning the place. After that he tells him that the only way to get it back is guess what, to burn Guts' world too (see the Hawks/Griffith confrontation), and of course to kill him.

He has the power to make what's in people's mind more or less real, controlling it, so he uses the Hawks and Griffith to try to "destroy Guts' world".

The Hawks keep telling Guts how they are happy now, how they were useful for Grifffith at least, while Guts is useless, how they'll let him go if he leaves Griffith alone, how Guts isn't avenging them but taking a revenge for himself, etc.

This is of course Charles' try at breaking Guts' spirit (and killing him). After you defeat the Hawks for the last time, Charles tells Guts how his revenge against Griffith is futile and meaningless, and that all he has left in this world is his sister. Guts replies that his sister is another of Charles' own illusions, and that he sacrificed her back then to become an apostle!! :eek: (I'm guessing this part but I'd be surprised if it was wrong)

That's why he keeps screaming "liar you lie" and such during the fight.

I hope the quick n' dirty summary helps.
wow, thanks Aazealh. That does help actually i mean still woundnt mind reading line by line of dialog. But it fills me in on that part atleast now i know everything that is going on in the game really.


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I'm having a bit of weird problems... First I walked through the game with easy level. After the final battles, I saved the game  & went to sleep.

When I continued from that save, the game started from the beginning with my previous stats, (mostly LV3 everything) but I could not get to the stages again to start "cleaning up" for the puck's bloody needle...

Ok, I already had a save from just before the end, so that was not a problem.. kinda.

Now I was on the second lap through the game, I expected to find the Red Spriggans to get some levels over LV3 ... I can't find any red spriggans anywhere?! Actually, every spriggan I happened to collect during the first round seems to be gone. During this time, I collected the last ones in first few stages..

Next, I start a new game, with LV1 stats and everything, now at Normal level. No spriggans anywhere. (could be that I collected them all already, but...)

Should it happen like this or is there something wrong going on? And how I can find those Red Spriggans? Do I have to play on Expert level to get them?


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What I did: you finish the game in any mode (I guess, didn't play Easy), start again from your old save (with the beherit) with your l33t stats, finish a level, on the Stage Select screen, choose the level you just finished, go through it again to find the Red Spriggans and get 0% of monsters remaining, then repeat with the other Stages.
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