RIPOFF ALERT: Zoliv/ Olivier Brion from France

Paypal sometimes turns very ugly to buyers if they decided the seller did send the correct item. Don't fell for some deep shi-t and learn your lesson the hardest way.

Don't be stupid bro.


God hand help us
Paypal decided in my favor and I was reimbursed at the end of the investigation. The item was shipped but the post office mishandled it, dropping and breaking the box and statue in many places. Post office called the shipper in to see the destruction. I got no tracking or pics for it but yeah, total tragedy about the statue. Anyway I'll try and get from YJA since it just got listed. Thanks to all for your responses and help.
Quick update - I've included what appears to be Olivier Brion's new Paypal address to the front page -

This came to light because of a fraudulent transaction Ahmetal was unfortunately on the receiving end of. You can read his post at the bottom of Page 2 for a quick refresher. Ebay user luciole_hotaru requested Ahmetal to send the money for the Zodd & Wyald statue to his friend - Olivier Brion and Olivier's name triggered Ahmetal's suspicion.

Few careful observations that led me to believe that both Olivier's were the same person -

1. both have a email ID and share the same name
2. the new Paypal address is linked to a series Darker Than Black and a character called Hei. Back in 2011 when I was trying to get in touch with Olivier after his fraud, a common friend who was commissioned by Olivier back then said (and I quote from his email to me) "He sent me measurements of his face so that I may finish his Darker than Black Hei Lee masks".
3. both Olivier's have a Berserk connect with transactions/ fraud (!)

At the time of Ahmetal's purchase, Ebay user luciole_hotaru insisted the connection was a mistake. In the end, the transaction fell through. Paypal issued a refund to Ahmetal. I'll give you details of the deal-gone-wrong soon.
Oh, that's so fucked up...

If I lived near Nantes, I would go throw shit on his house :rickert: (and if I was you, I think I would have thrown out 2 grands more to go to Nantes and teach him a lesson).

Edit : I haven't read every messages, but why didn't you try to contact the police ? That's a lot of money, so even if Paypal won't do anything, I guess they should help you.
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