Sacred Tome & Magic Tome


Berserk is Divine and Human
Comparing some statements from Manga, some doubt puzzles in my mind.

Let's start form the main doubt: the sacred effigy of the Falcon. It's enlayed in the sacred tome, and since it's above every church and inside, surely he would be vastly exposed in this tome. (beside the Hawk of Darkness).

Schierke tells to the priest of Enoch, that the Angels described in the sacred tome are the one she summon from astral world.

But at this rate, if the sacred tome, is supposedly written from that unconscious inner human ego, that depicted the future Hawk of Light (even in the most peculiar whirl and little egg) as a statue how could be possible that Schierke states that the angels are the same when that tome should be an evil product (desired though)?

Moreover, if the statue has been created so finely in every detail, it could mean that in the past someone have seen a huge fire falcon in the sky encircles with a whirl?? (probably the huge sacrifical brand that void could have put on the gaiseric country).

That was the divine inspiration that made the sacred tome out?

Furthermore, another weird thing, could be the double (and perfect) speeches of Schierke and Farnese about the prophecy of the Hawk of Darkness. Farnese at the bloody lake, and Schierke while investigating the evolution of the prophecy with the bird spying the Hawk of Light, they both say the same words: "He will be the owner of the blinded lambs, and the black sinful sheep".. Though Farnese at that time never minded anything of magic, and Schierke, living in the interstice with Flora, and grown with magic tomes, she could never be known the reading of the sacred tome.

So that speech seems to be absolute in some way.
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