SECRET SCHNOZ 2022! It's Gifting Time!


Feel the funk blast

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Guess what?! It's the 10th annual Secret Schnoz Ex-schnozzaganda! And you know what that means: PRESENTS! :schnoz:
@IncantatioN and I decided to host a Secret Santa event here on the board. For those of you who aren't familiar, here's a summary of how Secret Santas work.

:casca:10th Anniversary Special: Seeing as how this year is a special one for Secret Schnoz, Incantation and I will be collaborating on a special SURPRISE physical gift to all participants! If you're joining in the festivities with us and want one of these small tokens of our appreciation, please be sure to share your address when you send your PM!

If you're interested in entering, please read the rules below, and then PM me and Incantation with the following information:

1. The physical address* and/or email address you'd like to have your gift delivered to (this info will only be seen by me, Incantation and your Secret Schnoz). You can also feel free to provide a Steam ID or other info if you'd like to only receive a digital gift.
2. A list of at least 3 gift preferences. Don't leave your Secret Schnoz in the dark! :griffnotevil: Just don't ask for anything like a new laptop, ya goof.


Today -thru- November 15:
Collecting entries - PM Grail and Incantation to enter!
November 16: Incantation and I divide up the entries and randomly assign Schnozzes using a randomizing program (or a bunch of names in a hat...).
November 17: We send out the information to the Schnozzes so that they can buy/make gifts!
November 18 -thru- December 25: The gifts come rolling in! Don't forget to post pictures!!

Canty and I spent a lot of time mulling over an appropriate set of rules to make this fair for everyone. Please go over them if you'd like to participate:


1. 50 Post Participation Minimum
This is a tough one, but we want to ensure a certain level of trustworthiness among the participants. If you don't quite have 50 posts yet, try to rack up your post count in time for the Nov 15 deadline!
2. $15 Price Minimum Feel free to get a single or multiple gifts that add up to $15! Keep in mind that this minimum doesn't include shipping costs. If you choose to participate, do so knowing that is an international community and you may or may not end up sending gifts to someone in a different country IF you choose to send a physical gift.
3. Handmade Gifts In the interest of fairness, we've decided that handmade gifts will be worth the amount spent on the materials. For example, if you want to create a Beherit out of clay for someone, you can subtract the price of the clay and paint from the $15 total. If you're into 2d art, I would recommend painting a picture and then putting it in a nice store bought frame! Sorry that it's so complicated, but we don't want to leave it open for any bad apples that might ruin the fun for everyone.

Due to postage issues during the holidays this year, we encourage you to send physical gifts out sooner rather than later. If you're giving a gift to a recipient outside of your country, we highly recommend that you choose to give a digital gift. Trust us, it'll save you some aggravation!


Feel the funk blast
10th year already ... time flies. Love seeing the Schnoz celebrate as well! What a great banner.

Count me in.

Oh, you know I’m in. Now, let’s blow this thing and go home! :badbone:

The gang is getting back together again for another year!! :daiba:Thanks @IncantatioN for joining me in co-hosting. I still can't believe we've been doing this for 10 years! @Rhombaad , I don't think you've ever missed a year - it wouldn't be the same without you, bud!

In. I finally have 50 posts afaik.
Welcome, @guuuuuuuuts !! Very excited to have you with us this year.


Feel the funk blast
Please count me in! I look forward to another fun gift exchange!
Thanks, Gob! :casca:

A reminder to everyone that there are 5 days left to enter before we start divvying up the schnozzes! Also, if you have entered, please be sure to send me and Incantation your info and gift preferences if you haven't already. :daiba:


Hi! Hi!
Oh damn…too late again. :/ That’s what happens when you disappear for awhile. :/ Wait! Is there still time? If so, then I’d like to participate!


Feel the funk blast
Hope everyone is having a lovely December so far! :guts:

Just a reminder to all participants who are planning to send out physical gifts, you'll want to do so soon before the holiday wackiness sets in.

If you've already sent something out, announce it here or let me and Incantation know via PM. It'll be helpful for coordinating to make sure everyone's gifts arrive this month! :beast:
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