selling my collection

hi unfortunately im selling my entire collection of statues ;for most of them im asking the price i pay plus the shipping cost i had to pay too
some rare pieces im going to mention im going to sell them way more expensive than the original cost because of their rarity and i dont think im ever going to
be able to find one again, keep that in mind if you are going to ask please :

gantz koruno kei 1/5
guts and casca red version
art of war guts 1/6 christmas repaint edition ( just one with that blood scheme)
guts the battle for duldrey 0ne out of five only
guts arm cannon with blood effect
guts the black swordsman birht ceremony chapter bloody repaint version ( just one with that blood efect)
houma irving only one with blood effect

hi to all of you that have been asking for the statues sorry for late reply but for the moment i stop selling
i also want to thank the comunity because thanks to you i could solve my issues quickly
i was able to solve the money issues and i dont need to sell more statues for the moment
if i change my mind i will let you know :iva:
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