Selling my Skullknight riding horse limited edition

Thought I post this but I'm selling my skullknight riding horse limited edition on EBay. If someone here wants it pm me if we make a deal I gladly take it off EBay. Here's the link any questions you can pm me. Thanks
I have the bid started at $800. BUT i'm trying to get $1000.00 and I'm not selling the resident of Qliphoth. ALso the primer sword has a minor crack at the bottom but you can't notice it when its on. I can ship to Franceand I'm thinking it will probably be $100, so all together would be $1100 us dollars and if shipping comes out less I will refund the difference.


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That price is far too high if you're not selling the entire package IMO
Original price by AoW is 62,000 JPY (600 usd at most with the old rates).
Good luck selling though, maybe you can prove me wrong on the price.
Very nice figure, i hope you sell, but on japanese yahoo:

52.300 jen...
Maiku said:
SHIIIITTTT. My sword has a small crack as well. I was about to buy this and sell mine. :azan:
You can send the broken sword in a hard box to a professionnal artisan (low shipping cost) to get repair it! I ll be more affordable than to buy an another statue :slan:!
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