Shooting in Aurora, CO at a Dark Knight Premiere leaves 14 dead


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AURORA - There is one suspect in custody after 14 people were shot and killed at the Century 16 Movie Theaters at the Aurora Town Center.

There were at least 50 people injured to Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates.

Oates says 10 died at the theater and four died at the area hospital.

Nicole Williams, with Swedish Medical Center, says the hospital was allerted to a mass casualty incident at 1:15 a.m. Friday.

Williams says the hospital was told to prepare for at least 20 patients.

According to witnesses, the shooter kicked in the emergency exit door in theater 9, threw some sort of disorienting smoke bombs and started shooting.

The Aurora Town Center is in the 14000 block of East Alameda Avenue in Aurora.

Jesus Christ, this is terrible.


I had a friend who just returned home from a midnight screening in new york just txt me about it... Omg what the hell is wrong with people... Has there been any follow up on the 50 that were injured?


That sounds about right Kotaku and CNN is saying the same thing...
God, this is horrifying. Reading some of the details of this heinous crime, it actually makes me glad that Colorado has death penalty. And I'm usually opposed to capital punishment most of the time. But this murderous piece of shit doesn't deserve to breathe the same oxygen as the rest of humanity. May he rot in the deepest, darkest corner of Hell.
I'm from Colorado, and it pains me to see these senseless acts of violence. I'm also terrified that somehow this act will catch on. This however won't stop me from enjoying one of my favorite past times, watching movies in the theatre.


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Rodrigo said:
God, this is horrifying. Reading some of the details of this heinous crime, it actually makes me glad that Colorado has death penalty. And I'm usually opposed to capital punishment most of the time. But this murderous piece of shit doesn't deserve to breathe the same oxygen as the rest of humanity. May he rot in the deepest, darkest corner of Hell.
There is no Hell, and dying will be a relief for him. I'd rather wish he would rot away in prison, doing hard labour and getting butt raped.

Death May Die

"That day you left, that's when I knew."
I've read through a yahoo report that when the police found him he claimed to be "the joker."

I was going to go to Aurora Colorado Film Academy in 2008. I fought my dad tooth and nail trying to go there. It didn't end up working out. The theater isn't too far from the community campus. A little bit surreal. It would have been my graduating year. I try not to let what if stuff bug me, but this one struck a little closer to home than usual. As I have no doubt I would of been to going to see TDKR at that specific theater either that night if the opportunity arose or the very next day. All around this is tragic for Denver altogether. These senseless tragedies have plagued that city like clock work it seems like sometimes. 2 kids, 10 and 13, two separate incidents, accidentally shot themselves in the head within the last month on the same day!

I say when he does finally die, bury him face down, so he goes straight to hell! :mozgus:


UPDATE (4:33 p.m. EST) - The NYPD is increasing security wherever THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is playing. New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly stated at a briefing, "As a precaution against copycats and to raise the comfort levels among movie patrons in the wake of the horrendous shooting in Colorado, the New York City Police Department is providing coverage at theaters where the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is playing in the five boroughs.

Warner Bros. has decided to pull all TV spots for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES over the weekend.

AMC Theatres released a statement concerning the events and their security moving forward as well. "For the safety and security of our guests and associates, we are actively working with local law enforcement in communities through the nation and under the circumstances we are reaching out to all of our theaters to review our safety and security procedures."

AMC has since added to their security policy, now banning costumes and masks from future screenings. "We will not allow any guests into our theatres in costumes that make other guests feel uncomfortable and we will not permit face-covering masks or fake weapons inside our buildings."

Heard about this incident right before I left to go see the film this morning. Not much more I can say about it that hasn't been said already, but it's a goddamn tragedy; people trying to go about their lives and just watch a movie, and then some asshole comes and disrupts everything, and for what?


At 9:00 a.m. EST today, CNN hosted several guests during the news cycle, including criminal profiler Pat Brown, who theorized that Holmes was likely driven by an addiction to video games.

Although she stressed that video games alone don’t “make” people into criminals like Holmes, she theorized that given his age, he likely fits the profile of someone who’s ‘gotten into a killing mode’ with the aid of their violence:

“He’s probably prepared for this for a long time, just obsessing over it, gathering his weapons. [He] probably spent a lot of time in his apartment, playing one video game after the other—shooting, shooting, shooting—building up his courage and building up the excitement of when it’s going to be real for him. And it’s made his day.”

Mediaite has more transcription from CNN’s broadcast:

“This has been something he has really been into. And now we’re going to find, probably on [Facebook] or anybody who knows him will say, ‘Yeah, he did have a lot of interest in that. He was always playing the video games. And I’m not saying video games make you a killer. But if you’re a psychopath, video games help you get in the mode to do the killing. So it is a problem in our society with teenaged psychopaths, that they do get inspired by this and want to make it real. So it is a danger but it doesn’t make you a psycho.”

Pat Brown, a published criminologist and master’s degree graduate in criminal justice from Boston University, is a regular guest on CNN and has consulted the news group for several years, providing forensic analysis and commentary on several criminal events.


(Reuters) - The apartment of the man suspected of shooting 71 people at a Denver-area movie theater on Friday, killing 12 of them, has been so extensively booby-trapped that police have determined they cannot safely defuse the devices, a police source said Friday.

Police now plan to detonate the devices using a robot, the source familiar with the matter told Reuters, but that may not occur for several hours.

Before performing any detonation, which they believe would likely be small in size, they plan to close down traffic on nearby streets, the source said.

Police have already evacuated the apartment building as well as several nearby buildings.


At an earlier press conference, Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates said: "His apartment is booby-trapped. We are trying to determine how to disarm the flammable or explosive material. We could be here for hours or days. The pictures are fairly disturbing. It looks very sophisticated, how it's booby-trapped. It could be a very long wait."

Using cameras inserted into the apartment through windows, police and fire officials determined the living room of the apartment was crisscrossed with trip wires connected to a number of plastic bottles containing an undetermined fluid, Aurora's deputy fire chief, Chris Henderson, said.

"To tell you the truth we don't know how extensive it is," Henderson said. "There are several unknown devices along with the liter bottles."


Last Guardian when? - CyberKlink 20XX before dying
Is it seriously fucking video games time again?

This shit is demeaning to the victims and their families. Not to mention any intelligent person. I'm sure the police will find such obscure titles not usually in a 20 something year old's collection like Call of Duty. Obviously he was using it to gear up for this attack. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but damn. :mozgus:


Don't you know by now that anyone who does these acts is never responsible for the act. Someone else or something else is always going to get left holding the bag.


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Hey guys, let's not make this about video games at all. It's demeaning either way.

Groovy Metal Fist said:
It's events like these that remind me that our existence depends on a stroke of luck.
Yep, it's a risk just going out, and it's probably pretty sad that I actually consider it, did in fact for my own midnight show last night, "What if there's an incident? Some kind of violent altercation or a shooting and I'm in wrong place at the wrong time?" Honestly thought this, and too often do. I didn't consider someone actually targeting a theater in this way though. Great, more food for thought.


praise be to grail!
What a truly stupid piece of shit this guy is.

One of these days, we need to make an example out of one of these assholes. Until then, these shooters will get tons and tons of media attention, people wondering WHY they did it, blaming it on VIDEO GAMES or MOVIES or this or that, DID THEY HAVE A MESSAGE? Let's BROADCAST IT! It's all very romantic and they become rock stars.

But on the flip side, I suppose understanding these creeps might help prevent people from going crazy in the future. Though personally, I think if the punishment for a crime this severe was a public castration by bazooka, it might make people think twice.

I just wish that once, it was reported like this: "Some stupid asshole killed a bunch of people in a movie theater. Look at a picture of this idiot. He'll be locked away now for the rest of his life. Fuck this dumb kid. The end."

I feel absolutely awful for the victims of this shooting. Just trying to enjoy a movie. They were basically trapped.


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I was in a theater here when some guy came in with a gun strapped to his hip. Thing is, he seemed like an out of uniform cop, and ran back to his car as soon as he realized he had his gun on him, so it seemed like a genuine mistake.

Now a few days ago you get some other asshole coming in to see a movie in Colorado with a gun he intentionally strapped to his hip. He's since gone on and on about how being arrested for it infringes on his right to bear arms, but regardless you have to be a massive shithead to not realize bringing a handgun into a theater in Colorado is in incredibly poor taste.


The Bleeding Mouth of Insanity said:
Some are trying to understand this tragedy and figure out WHY this happened or if there's any bizarre connections

Some are saying there has to be an Illuminati Fingerprint somewhere.

Perhaps this was a SACRIFICE of some kind eluding another major event about to occur connected to this cabal?

So what would be the odds if there's a bizarre 911 & ROSWELL connection to the LOCATION of this event if you look more closely at the symbolism and analyze the deeper allegory which may be connected to this Tragedy?

Is this MIND CONTROL or some other CONTROL and connection involved?

Well first lets look at the NUMBERS...

JULY 19TH, 2012 & 20 both appear for the DATE in this event.

12:00 AM was the screen-time and was beginning to fill up prior to midnight.

between 12 and 12:30 am was the timeframe when all hell broke loose.

the Movie THEATER is CENTURY 16

14300 East Alameda Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012

8 0 0 1 2

remove the zero's and look at the SUM of the numbers:


and theater #NINe? or "9" chosen by accident or DESIGN?

I find it also interesting that this shooter chose a THEATER as a PLACE to commit such EVIL almost as a STAGE which has become the CENTER of attention in what is close to the CENTER of the USA.

look at the definition of THEATER!

how about the DEFINITION of CENTURY...




100 16

remove the zero's

1 1 6

9 1 1 upside down

if we attach 7/19/2012

add 7 1 9 2 1 2


you can see several hidden numerological connections to well known Illuminati numbers or fingerprints...

and you can't get a bigger number than 911!

So whats the ROSWELL connection?

well, whats the COORDINATES of ROSWELL

33 N Latitude , 104 W Longitude

Whats the coordinates of AURORA, COLORADO and this THEATER???

39 N , 104 W


and if you convert the mileage to DEGREES in google earth...

6.11 DEGREES?!?

Oh, and I posted in another thread how it would be even more bizarre if the number 13 shows up soon connected to the dead which was initially only 12.

well, guess what ....

its just been announced that the BABY has DIED after being in critical condition which technically would put the death toll at 13 based upon the original reports that had it at 12 prior to this new fatality.

so 13 once again appears as it usually does in major headline tragedies such as this in that context... however new reports say that they had the wrong count and the death of the baby holds the count at 12.

but then the shooter + his 12 victims so far would be 13.

the number of Judgement, Tragedy, and "El" or Gods Ancient Hebrew Name El Shaddai.


a hidden side note to this event with a special significance and DESIGN

then there's the 12:30 connection or,

321 in reverse

hmmmm. is there any significance to a DATE perhaps?


interestingly enough, 3/21 has huge significance if you know anything about the DATE George KAVASILAS talks about! YIKES

anyways, I wonder what bizarre connections are going to surface about the shooter now!


Whats REALLY going on here folks?!?!
This sure is some 60s Batman Logic. Coincidence, or DESIGN!??????
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