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I'm keeping my girlfriend's kitten Salem for the next two weeks, and we've been getting along swell. She's 4 months old, and loves sleeping and playing with anything that moves.

Post pictures of your own pets, SK Net members.


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AAAAWWWWW...soooo sweeeeet Walter-sama!!!^^

Here's mine:

Don't mind those random people in there..they are guys that i used to hang out with..delinquents..

I just love Welsh Corgi..especially that one..i was told he's rather intelligent..a Data Dog if you so will^^ Well, he's not THAT intelligent actually, since he got himself into some trouble with (magic) mushrooms once..that was such a hassle. By the way, some people might even argue that i'm my own pet °.°

Leo, the illest and chillest cat i sure i can get a few bucks for him at my local chinese restaurant.....

And yes, he reads with me....

Max, i wouldn't get shit for this skinny ass bitch...but he's got the personality of a dog, so i guess that counts for suttin

Little does this pussy know i'm about to kick up the bass crazy high.....mwahahahaha!!!!!!! ok jk


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I lack a picture taking device, but I have an African Dwarf frog that's outlived its one to two year lifespan by about four years. I'll try to get pics soon.


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Omar's my cat from back home. He has the exact colors as Meryl in your photo, zota ( :guts:). Seeing as I don't have any photos of him, my description'll have to do.
Alas, no pets allowed in my apartment :judo:

handsome rakshas

Thanks Grail!
I wish I still had my kitty, I had to give it away :judo:
Hey Yota! Arthur is huge and cute!
Nomad has three beautiful animals!
Proj! Leo and Max are cool looking! Especially Leo!
Hey Walter! Don't give Salem back! Keep her!


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HawaiianStallion said:
I've got 8 Alaskan Malamutes but no pics on this computer (only at my home one). My families been breeding, showing, and selling them for something like 40 years now.
Alaskan Malamutes in Hawaii?! Sacrilege!
HawaiianStallion said:
Yeah always was interesting seeing the responses you got from locals when you walked one down the beach.

"Oh Shit Bra! Its a fucking wolf!"

I have two cats (Sunshine and Furball) and a golden retriever named Toby. I'll add some pictures of them this weekend when my girlfriend is over at my parents house with and has her digital camera.
We had to give our cat and our dog away to my grandfather because they couldn`t live in the city, but I still see them now and then. The dog is an expert at giving you the most innocent look in history right before she steals some food(imagine the cat in shrek 2) and the cat is a real expert at sticking his claws into you when he is relaxing.


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My cat Mickey (sorry for the crappy lighting). He's a little dumb, but has a great personality that makes up for it. As long as you keep him from eating something poisonous and/or inedible off the floor, everything's good.

He's also adorable when he sleeps (no, I did not stage this photo).



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Well I have 2 pets... here is exhibit A

This cat named Ten just loves to press my buttons... nothing like meowing and jumping up and down on my bed at 5am to give me that feel good to be alive feeling. :void:

Here is exhibit B

This guy just loves to eat, sleep, poop, and cry... not in any order mind you =\ But he's a good pet. I hear they get pretty cool when they grow up. So, im looking forward to it! :carcus:
The newest addition to my household: A Wolf Spider (the size of a half dollar) I FOUND IN MY ROOM! :isidro:

So after screaming like a girl....i decided to keep him and gave him crickets and found out how to care for this bastard...his name is Tiny.
I've seen wolf spiders get pretty huge by me, even twice as large as your pet there. Always a little creepy going into a musty dank basement and seeing a dead one curled up in the corner.


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whew. I'm not too fond of spiders (one of the only things I squeal like a wuss around). Luckily where I live the biggest ones we get are the size of your thumb nail :)
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