SK on horse 2018 brand new mode by AOW

Product Description

This newly-designed art statue features for the first time ever a running movement pose of Skull Knight on his horse galloping at full speed.

Unlike any of our previous statues that showed the Skull Knight in a static pose, this new model aims to express the movement and power of the Skull Knight, perfectly symbolizing its charisma as a knight to the utmost.

A long period of product development has resulted in a new modeling that shows in minute detail an unparalleled and wonderful finish from all angles. Moreover, we have painted the statue with various colors in full detail with advanced painting techniques that are totally different from all our earlier products.

The extremely complex and high level of coloring cannot be fully appreciated just through pictures; only the physical product seen by the naked eye will do the Skull Knight statue full justice to its magnificence.

Furthermore, the enclosed Senma soldier is an impressive character in the Berserk manga who in the story was twisted and killed by Zodd. Even though the figure is small, because of its high reproduction quality it might be enough to present it as a main product from other companies, but we have also created it in full detail for your enjoyment.

This is a great opportunity to add one more fantastic item to your Berserk Senma Soldier Collection. Enjoy finding the scene where this statue appears in the Berserk manga.
saw it too and like it, especially I love the very low es but yes it's very pricey for the size, I'll wait for the price of the P1 SK (and yeah I know it will be higher)
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