SKnet 2007 Year In Review


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This was a pretty big year for SKnet and Berserk. In this thread, I'd like to pay homage to some of the larger events of the year (limited to forum and Berserk, please) and list a few hard statistics to compare this year to last, mostly for shits and giggles.

new topicsnew postsnew memmost onlineEpisodesBreakslongest break
2007:53215584218719411268 weeks
2006:74919904163070014516 weeks

Basically, we still need to post more. Though, for the past 2 years, I will say that things have definitely gotten more focused here in terms of the level of discussions. I'm always proud to see you guys turn even the most doubtful of threads into gold in a matter of posts.

I don't really need to tell you guys this, since many of you who will be reading this have been here for a while, but the forum will always suffer when there aren't any episodes scheduled for release. It would be ideal if everyone would pitch in on creating new threads, discussion and content in these lulls, as we'll all have more to do, read and have fun with if everyone participates instead of just lurks.

The biggest change here this year was of course, the new Skull Knight-based forum theme, which coincided with the change to our new server. We've got about 4x the size and bandwidth we used to, though we haven't even scratched the surface of using it. I'm pretty partial to the new theme, and it's clearly the most dramatic visual change the forum has had since its inception in 2001. We finally look GOOD.

Griffith No More came back as an admin, after a 3-year hiatus serving as an average member. We're always glad to have him on board. Since he's returned, a new board was created to discuss Miura's arch-rival Takehiko Inoue's manga, Vagabond. The section's still got a lot of room to grow, but it looks like we've already created a handful of new fans thanks to its implementation, so it's already paid off to some degree.

Aaz continued his level of constant vigilance in helping keep our forum accurate, clean and efficient. At this point, I basically just work here. :ganishka: He's easily become the largest single contributor to the forum, and for that I'm grateful every day I wake up to see a tidy forum.

You guys helped me out in finishing up Guts' Kill Roster (viewable in my sig), which is the result of months of (mostly useless) labor and research. Little projects like these help pass the time in an otherwise stagnant period when few episodes are being released, and I thank everyone that helped me with it.

The Oekaki section grew and grew thanks to the consistently awesome contributions of Grail, and even a handful from me and my tablet. This section is really one of the most underrated on the site and could use a boost in activity. Anyone who's familiar with Berserk will get a kick out of Grail's sense of humor and ... unique take on the personalities of the characters in it :guts:

But enough of the preaching, 2007 was a good year here on SKnet, and we're just a day away from another great year, which will hopefully see the release of more than one volume. Happy new year, SKnet!
- Wally :void:

PS: Oh yeah, almost forgot. I just put the finishing touches on the Manga section. So now it's up to standard with the rest of the Encyclopedia. I guess it's about 99.79% complete now? Anyway, click here to view it.


This journey isn't ov--AARGH!
I love you guys :judo:

Thanks for being the one corner of the Internet I can turn to and know it'll be a great place with exceptional members.

Long live SKnet!


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Thanks for another great year, guys. I look forward to more discussion and debate in the forums, and hopefully some more folks giving the oekaki board a try in 2008. :guts:
Well, if you'll have me, I'm looking forward to being here throughout 2008!

Honestly, the sanity this place emits, it's clarity of understanding of the mythos of the work that it is in reference to is greater than any other 'fan-forum' I'm aware of. Seriously, the absolulte drivel that's posted by some people in other places makes me fear for the future of our species. (lol Guts armor makes him like the Halo marine right so I guess maybe he's a cyborg and Schieke is like Cortana maybe the other things are aliens and the God Hand is the invaders and and and) :SK: :void: :judo:
Nice summary, Wally! Even if only 2 episodes are released next year (God forbid), I'll still be here. :guts:

Cheers to the New Year! Love you guys!


All praise Grail
Yea SK is the best. Even though I joined over a year ago I didn't have access to a computer on a daily basis and so I missed out on so much. But now that problem is fixed and I pledge to be a loyal and contributing member here. The SK boards are so clean, organized and dedicated, mainly do to the great and wonderfull people here, specifically the people who maintain this site on a daily basis. I really do have respect for all of them just because of what I've seen here. Of all the forums I've seen or been a part of, I can always count on SK to be the best, and that's not just because it's dedicated to my favorite thing on this planet, BERSERK!


Walter, I think you need to mention the fine folks who contribute to the Creation Station.
Between Griffith's hilarious movie posters and CnC and Proj's gorgeous recolors, it's my favourite place on the forum, along with the Drawing Board.

Kudos to all the artists who never cease to amaze.
Grail, I'd love to join you in drawing funny stuff if I had any talent whatsoever. :serpico:


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Yea it's a new years resolution for the site of mine to do more in the oekaki. What Grail can get out of the tool set never ceases to amaze.
Thinking of which I have been on this board for almost 5 years...

And I haven't done anything much in contribution... It's a shame..


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Smith said:
Thinking of which I have been on this board for almost 5 years...

And I haven't done anything much in contribution... It's a shame..
What're ya talking about?? You single-handedly dragged us all kicking and screaming through the construction of the tower in Dubai! :serpico:


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Smith said:
Thinking of which I have been on this board for almost 5 years...

And I haven't done anything much in contribution... It's a shame..
I have to admit, you've mostly just been shitting everywhere. But there's always hope! And besides, I can't say you were all bad. The best is yet to come. :serpico:
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