Skullchimes' Berserk fanarts and stuff


absolute dummy
I'm pretty fresh into berserk, read the whole manga in like a week and re-watched the anime more than once help it's so great-
so being an artist, of course I'll do some artwork! hope you like these :)
I'll be sure to add onto my post if I do more



Feel the funk blast
Really enjoying your explorations so far, Skullchimes! I agree that your Schierke sketch might be my favorite at the moment, looking forward to more! :guts:
These are really pretty! I feel like it stays true to the original source and has a personal flair to it as well.

That seems like it'd be really hard to do with Miura's work! Keep going!


absolute dummy
I am bacc with another fanart to show, on Drawception site someone had the description saying ''griffith (berserk) and so I had to draw him in a simple manner with limited tools in 10 minutes, after that I decided to over paint it, because I liked how it looked, wuz like an hour of work, maybe even less
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