SkullKast 109 - Starving Demon (Vol 23 Re-read | Part 1)


praise be to grail!
Great podcast, guys! I really enjoyed the discussion. Yeah, this volume is immensely rough to get through and I felt your guys' perspectives articulated the complexity of what goes down very well.

By the way, I enjoy the cover of volume 23, too. :guts:

I'm looking forward to that giant Zodd statue.


All praise Grail
Finally finished this. A tough few episodes to read. One of those moments in the series where I can vividly remember exactly where I was and how I felt reading the first time. Disturbing to see Casca like that, but by design of course. Extremely effective. Great story telling in these first few episodes. I love the Winters Journey episodes because, as mentioned, we get a little taste of the mundane yet difficult day to day life on the road (during winter too). Just Guts, Casca and Puck in transit. Compare these moments with what's going on by the end of the Arc. Whew! Really feels like a journey. Miura can do it all.
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