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Dar Klink said:
I really enjoyed this podcast guys, I think I could listen to this once a week even... also, I have to start formulating complicated questions for you guys to answer on air, I don't want you to let your guard down for a moment. :troll:

In reality though, I'd love to hear more stuff about Miura's personal life or at least the glimpses into it that we sometimes get. Maybe some stories that one of you guys remember from the old days or some long-forgotten comments. I don't know, I'll try to think of something more concrete to ask before the next podcast. :serpico:
Yeah, I think a "What do we know about Miura" podcast discussion would be interesting, but it would require some research on our part. There's some information about his personal life and interests revealed through his very brief Young Animal blurbs. Aaz has heard more of these things than I have, since he collects older Young Animal editions. But not all of these have been translated over the years, because the updates are generally trivial.

Beyond that though, I think we all have some things to say about Miura as an artist and a writer -- someone who's dedicated 20+ years of their life to one story.
Wow, it was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed it, it's definitely a great job. :ubik: Hearing a discussion like this is much more fun then reading it, I can't wait to the next :guts:
I just finished listening to it, and I can't even describe how great it is to listen to a Berserk-themed podcast, especially one conducted by you three. You did an excellent job, and it felt extremely professional for being the first one you all have done.

I can't wait until the next one! :guts:
Just wow. Haven't listened to it yet but I can't wait. I've just recently got into the habit of scouring the net for podcasts to pass the time. I Berserk one is absolutely genius and I couldn't imagine three people I'd rather hear one from. When I saw the date of the post asking if there was an interest I was really surprised to see one already uploaded haha.

I'll listen to it as soon as I get out of class and let you know what I think. Knowing you three I'm sure it will be more educational and professional then any other anime/manga related podcast I've ever heard :badbone: Can't wait!


Draculoid said:
When I saw the date of the post asking if there was an interest I was really surprised to see one already uploaded haha.

Yes, my thoughts exactly. I was actually going to be pretty upset if someone voted No or Maybe. Even if it was a joke - it's unacceptable! Glad no one did though. Good job community! :ubik:

Gobolatula said:
Man, good podcast, guys. It was a great listen. I really liked all your movie talk. The intro segment was great, too. Got to learn a little more about you guys and the history of the site, which is cool as hell.

Quit being so modest we all know you were thinking to yourself: "NAILED IT!" :troll:
Just finished listening. Great podcast guys! Great hearing such a quality one on such a great topic. I was so sad when it stopped though, should have been hours long ! :ganishka:

As far as content goes you covered most of the bases that are most relevant now. You could always do little "volume reviews" or something. Like randomly all pick up volume 18 and just sort of go through it, give your random thoughts as you go, what kinds of things you were thinking on your first read through. I know this could get way out of hand but you could just do one random volume at a time and make it a short segment.

You could also do some favorite what evers. Talk about your individual favorite volumes or favorite characters. I'm sure many of these things might be common knowledge to some people on the forums but it would still be nice to hear. Pretty much anything Berserk works for me! :guts:


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Thanks for the praise.

Draculoid said:
As far as content goes you covered most of the bases that are most relevant now.
Yeah, I was thinking the same today. We hit all the high notes in the first episode. :ganishka: Thankfully 327 will land before the next one. Will be plenty to talk about, I'm sure.

Seriously though, just in the past two days we've already come up with a ton of good discussion ideas already in the show notes we've been preparing. There's no shortage of good topics to choose from without having to dip into a re-read. If I ever do something like that, I'd only want it to be a small part of the show, not something that would take up too much time. I think an unfocused discussion about a volume in particular would be boring for most readers, since most of us know the story pretty well. Rather, if we get insight into some larger concept about a volume, we should try to develop that into its own topic.

An example of that would be me noticing just how well planned out the Golden Age arc is, in the context of the climax, and what Miura had already revealed during the Black Swordsman arc. For instance, we know Griffith ultimately becomes Femto, and likely sacrificed his comrades, but we dont know anything about the circumstances of that, how he and Guts went from friends to enemies, or the importance of Casca, or their child. He managed to keep readers in suspense in a flashback. Really, I could go on and on about this particular topic...
Great Podcast guys. I really enjoyed it. I love your idea of exploring not only the Berserk story, but how Miura tells it. It's nontraditional in many ways but still very effective. Just the suggestion that we might not see what Falconia is like until Guts reaches it gave me shivers.

I'd love to hear the God Hand and the Eclipse discussed as well since they're such a unique element to a fantasy series. Keep up the great work!
Great idea you got here. Was fun to listen to. Especially since I don't have time or feel like reading everything on the forum, it's nice to get a summary of things this way.


Walter said:
Seriously though, just in the past two days we've already come up with a ton of good discussion ideas already in the show notes we've been preparing. There's no shortage of good topics to choose from without having to dip into a re-read.

To add more topics to the already jam packed episodes. Obviously, with the movie coming out this site is going to get a lot more attention. I looked at the stats the other day and was completely shocked at the number of new members last year. Like, I almost don't believe it as this board doesn't seem that saturated with an overlord of comments/posts during those times. Are these numbers correct? or bots? Or any thoughts in general on this topic of's future if all these members were to start posting regularly? It seems it would be out of control for the three of you to maintain.



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Seriously? I haven't seen a new member in ages. I know the big three are scary, but I don't think they can scare off that many people :slan:


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Those were spam accounts. It's always been a problem, but in those months it just got insane. Thankfully Aaz found a way to block spammers. It's been a huge improvement.


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Shall give it a listen!

Edit - I really liked this. Really candid and kind of reinvigorated my interest in the series. A re-read retrospective would be pretty fascinating. Also like the the "Off-topic" section - good opportunity to break some of the awkwardness. "But wait I minute - what about Vagabond?!" gave me a good chuckle.
The podcast was an awesome idea! It's great to be able to put voices to....avatars? I'll be looking forward to new episodes! And I agree, a re-read retrospective would be really interesting with the three of you to guide it.


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Today I learned that Aaz does not sound like Zodd. How dare you humanize my perceptions of you guys! :troll:
Great podcast; very professional for the first episode. I also second the idea of a group Re-read with discussions. It would be fun for listeners to do it along with you.
very nice podcast you guys !!!

Loved Aazealh's english with a french accent and some sort of japanese pronunciation: also => aruso basically => basikuri y'know => yunoo

Well, I disagree with you about the fantasy novels serie "A Song of Ice and Fire" which I find really well written, entertaining and thrilling unlike its TV adaptation.

Concerning Berserk, I just hope that there will not be a break until we're "returning" to Midland. fingers crossed, anus clenched.
I've been lurking forever, as long as I can remember reading the manga(late 2003 I think). Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the podcast, it was cool to hear you guys talk about berserk after all these years of reading your posts on the forums.

Looking forward to the next one.
wow so is not an ordinary forum. I am impressed by this podcast. Good job guys!
Aaz said he wishes Berserk was made five years from now, thus not being an experimental thing (in terms of its graphics). Couldn't agree more!
On the plus side to all this, it could be similar to how the very first volumes of the manga aren't as well drawn as later volumes. Certainly none of us wish Miura had waited 5 more years before he started work on berserk?
The podcast was such a pleasure to listen to on my breaks at work today :serpico: It was really neat hearing voices to put to the avatars I'm so familiar with on the forums, and the banter flowed pretty well! People have mentioned a re-read impressions type deal, and I'm a fan of that idea myself... :ubik: although, I can understand that it would take a lot from you guys to do that. In either case, I'm looking forward to the next one.

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*GASP* Woah, awesome! Great job Walter, Griffith, and Aazealh! :serpico: Was very well done, I look forward to more of these, I've never been on a forum with it's own podcast before :ganishka:

Edit* As a relatively new member, hearing Walter call this community a little family, has made me excited to atleast establish myself as an active member here.
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