Skullknight.NET Podcast: Episode 18


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Episode 18:

It's our longest episode ever. Thanks, Bats. We talk about the mysteries of the Idea of Evil and The Dark Knight Rises. We also go through a TON of member questions.

Podcast Notes:
0:00:19 Intro/Olympics anyone?
0:04:40 The Idea of Evil
0:57:30 The Dark Knight Rises
1:48:10 Member questions
2:12:16 Outtakes


...With what you guys where saying:

In the film Bane's storming of Black Gate Prison is very much similar to the storming of the Bastille in A Tale of Two Cities... Yes while what Bane is saying is BS about the people taking back their city the actual taking and isolation of the city and the assault on the wealthy by the poor, criminals, and middle class was very much true to what was used in the nod to A Tale of Two Cities again. Again that aspect of the film was a distraction for the people much in the same way with Bane's 5 - 6 Month long reign of terror on Gotham City was a condenced version of what Gordon did for 8 years with The Dent Act.

In Batman Begins + The Dark Knight Rachel Dawes was Bruce Wayne's clean slate a way for him to live a normal life... then she died. In the 7 year period leading into The Dark Knight Rises its implied that Miranda Tate aka Talia Al Ghul became his 2nd clean slate and her betrayal at the end of the film kills that out for Wayne.

Selina Kyle while a thief is looking for an out from the life of crime she lives just as Bruce is looking for an out from Batman... The reason I see that he goes with her in the end is that she is a grey character is isn't good but isn't bad either and since she never really picked A or B that Bruce never made a final judgement call on her. But more that they are broken people who look for a new beginning together.

And on your opinion of Bane & Talia remember Bane was an adult who watched over Talia in the prison his injuries are a result of his protecting her. In a way Bane like Alfred was a guardian were Alfred walked away after realizing he was enabling Bruce's behavior Bane could not do or see it as he was enabling Talia and also because he was blinded by his love for Talia.

And with what Aaz was saying about The Dark Knight and The Joker their was no way in hell that the antagonist(s) in Rises would be surpass the level of performance that Ledger brought to Nolan's series. But I'll give Hardy's performance as Bane the runner up award.

With Batman films the Burton era & Nolan era have been the highmark of the franchise.


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Been watching whatever I can of the Olympics. I watched tennis and basketball today, and some volleyball. I'm a fan of swimming,track and field, and gymnastics.

I haven't watch Batman yet, but I still listened. I'm not a big Batman fan, so spoilers didn't bother me. Good conversation on it though.


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Love the episode banner! :ganishka:

hellrasinbrasin, we GET it, you don't need to explain everything, like what Catwoman is, to us; we're just not going to romanticize the movie's shortcomings. Also, adopting the film's terminology like, ¨clean slate¨ and liberally applying it to every relationship is totally gross and makes you sound like you've been indoctrinated or inceptioned or something.


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I really enjoyed the podcast! The IoE conversation was great! keep up the awesome work guys. :daiba:
Walter said:
Don't you guys commute to work?
Hell yeah, but I'm a week behind with my other podcasts. I may go against the grain of my OCD and listen to it "early". :iva:

I just finished listening to it. I really enjoyed the Idea of Evil discussion (turns out I've been pronouncing that one wrong, too) and listening to what you guys thought of The Dark Knight Rises.

While I didn't agree with all of your complaints about the movie, you guys definitely touched on some of the things that bothered me and my friends when we saw it. Much like you, I enjoyed the movie, despite its flaws.

The highlights of the podcast for me were Walter's impersonation of Bane (I could listen to Walter's "Bane voice" for hours and not get tired of it) and Aaz shouting on this gem: Dolphin troops! Attack from the right! If that doesn't end up on a future Aazealh Soundboard, I don't know what will.


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Fantastic podcast, guys. Sometimes I really wish I started reading Berserk early on. Finally seeing episode 83 must have been amazing. The Idea's ultimate goal is such a crazy mystery to me. I've wondered what fantasia has to do with it. But really, it seems like it's just a side effect of the layers of the world merging. The real plan was to get The God Hand in the world. But where is The Idea of Evil I wonder?


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Thanks for the praise. It's fun to tackle these huge, insurmountable topics. But also a challenge, because there's a lot of things we have to cover that aren't nailed down.

Gobolatula said:
The real plan was to get The God Hand in the world. But where is The Idea of Evil I wonder?
I think getting the God Hand into corporeal form was probably an important part, but not the full purpose of merging the worlds. As for the Idea of Evil, I don't think it's going to be in the world in the same way. As a being that influences the subconscious mind of all of humanity where it is, it really doesn't need to go anywhere.
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