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Episode 37 (11/03/2013): GIGANTOMAKHIA

We're back! We return from a break with news of Miura's new side project: GIGANTOMAKHIA. What is it, what are our expectations and what does this mean for Berserk?

Also discussed: New Zelda, Star Trek nerds, Furries, and Superman.

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praise be to grail!
Glad to have you guys back chit-chattin' it up. I'm super excited for Miura's new project. It's gonna be fucking cool as hell.


Feel the funk blast
That was some good listening! Thanks guys!

With regards to 100 million years thing, I had thought along the same lines--I just can't imagine humans looking very "human" after that long a time. The Grey Man that Wells came up with seems more likely to me. :void: In any case, I'm especially excited to see Miura doing something brand new, bushy eyebrows or no bushy eyebrows!


"Bring the light of day"
And the gang is back! Welcome back gentlemen, and hopefully we will keep hearing from you guys more often. As always I enjoyed it.

Griffith: I'm probably going to get stoned out of this forrum, but I actually decided to get Diablo III when available for the PS4. Sooo... Start spamming tips :serpico:

Walter: On the next cast, give us a little update on your kid and daddy life!
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