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Episode 72: Flame Doll (Ep. 343) (1h 28m)


Early holiday release 12.23.15 GET!

A new podcast the same day an episode lands? It's a new record! We cover the big news about the new anime and review the latest episode, where our heroes vandalize a field of pumpkins and scarecrows. We talk about our first new Elfhelm character — a witch that could become a foil for Schierke — and a new creature from folklore which Miura lends his unique spin to.

Listen after the end of the show for a spoiler-filled Star Wars: Force Awakens talk with Aaz and Griff.

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So early! I actually just started my first reread now that I own all the volumes.

This should be fun to listen to while I read. :ubik:

Thank you for all of your hard work!
I can't wait to listen to this, thank you for the early podcast release Walter, what a treat! I hope you and everyone else have a wonderful Christmas and holiday week. :)
I have a very long drive for the holiday's. I cant wait to listen! happy holiday's everyone! A special thanks to Walter, Griff, and Azz and the rest of you guys who make this community so wonderful! :ubik:


With the streak of a tear, Like morning dew
Sorry I missed out on the 348 discussion, I was running, and then driving, around looking for a viable broadcast spot and by the time I was able to get in touch with Wally or Aaz they had literally just finished. It was a real case of Murphy's Law as more unexpected things came up and delayed my efforts to get on. Of course, given that I hadn't even had a chance to actually read the episode yet, so no big loss! :ganishka:

I don't have much to add about it anyway. Pretty typical escalation; I agree with Guts. I don't know what to think of the more grown up witch other than she looks a bit haughty to me, but I'm probably unfairly resenting her for continuing to obstruct our heroes considering we won't be seeing them for a while (I hope Schierke knocks her off that broomstick and takes her to wizard school =).

As for Star Wars,
I'm happy to report I enjoyed and appreciated The Force Awakens much more the second time.
Thank's for the podcast. it got me through my flight.

As for Star Wars, I have to agree with how you guys described it. I haven't looked at the thread here but my short review is that
it was good because it reminded me so much of episode 4, and it was bad because it reminded me so much of episode 4. Hopefully they go somewhere new with the next ones.
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