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Episode 73: Shadow of the Tower (Vol. 18-1) (1h 39m)

In the midst of a hiatus, we forge ahead with our re-read, which brings us to Vol. 18 — an intriguing portion of the series. Bereft of most of our main cast, we're instead treated to a new environment, new characters (including: Mozgus, Isidro, Luca, Nina and Jerome) and the most graphic section of Berserk, as the cauldron cooks in Albion.

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I really enjoyed this one. Volume 18 has so many interesting things going on with it and really starts to expand the world of Berserk after the Black Swordsman Arc. The refugee camp really captures the worst aspects of human nature.
Thank you for another fun filled podcast!

I admit I haven't re-read volume 18 that much myself, and it's interesting to see that Guts isn't in many episodes as you pointed out. I really enjoyed how Miura set the tone for Albion and all of the minor characters, and I feel like he puts just as much effort into people like Luca, Joachim and fleshes out personalites. I like Mozgus' character and how he is portrayed; his facial features get me everytime! :mozgus: there are some truly horrific scenes in this book with the tortures and orgy, but I always give credit to Miura for making these important to the story and characters, and it never feels gratuitous or put in for no reason (which is how I kind of feel with Game of Thrones to be honest). The cover of the book is very striking and before I read past this section when I purchased the manga's, I also thought they were coming close to the final battle! I'm really excited to see what volume 38 will have on it, I'm hoping for Falconia.

I did bring up if all three of you would be doing reviews on the new Berserk anime series, I guess it was a dumb question. I know it's not the source material, I just enjoyed the movie reviews that you did, but I realize that there isn't enough time to bother with the new one especially if it turns out to be a stinker.

Thanks again Walter, Aazealth and Griffith!
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