Star Wars "Darth Jar Jar" Theories

In the light of the recent films, does anyone here put any credibility to the Darth Jar Jar theories that have been thrown around since the prequels? Some of it is pure speculation at face value, but what about the comments Lucas has made about Jar Jar being the "key" to the series or the comments from the Jar Jar voice actor, etc.?

As a side note, I can't really say I've enjoyed the recent films sans Rogue One, but it would have been interesting if Disney explored that, even if just a hint or tease.
I don't think there's enough from the films that might lead to this theory being seriously true, if anything I think it's almost like a joke from the part of the creators. Still, there are a number of coincidences that would make sense, and I think that's the funny part, such as Jar Jar's eyes having that yellow Sith color, being from the same planet as Darth Sidious and that he gave full powers to the Chancellor in Ep.III.
I love that the stop motion parody Robot Chicken Star Wars actually "confirms" this to be true (and actually, it might even provide an explaination on how could Palpatine have returned in Ep.IX).
Also, I watched the Clone Wars animated show last year and Dave Filoni remained in the same position, as in, you can't tell if Jar Jar is actually a Sith Overlord in disguise secretly moving on with his plans or just the goofiest character ever. For real, he nearly killed General Grievous by himself with a spear at one point while none of the Jedi masters ever managed to injure him!

By the way, I find the Clone Wars show to be best Star Wars content since Ep.III. I can't deny that I have a soft spot for the sequels and Rogue One, but I hate how Disney sabotaged each and every movie with their own hands and crashed the trilogy which had a lot of potential. Overall, the Clone Wars really adds a lot of depth to the SW universe, and while it has some flaws, its merits really overshadow the issues.
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