Status of Berserk's Pre-publication


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Updated the list of ending text variations on PasteBin:

The recent ones:
357: つづく (continues)
[8 months hiatus]
358: つづく (continues)
[4 months hiatus]
359: ベルセルク つづく (Berserk continues) + no date
[8 months hiatus]
360: つづく (continues) + no date
[2 months hiatus]
361: ベルセルク つづく (Berserk continues) + no date
[no clue]

What does reading those tea leaves tell us? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Btw, I just noticed that the next issue of Young Animal will again come out on a Wednesday. Does this mean that they changed their schedule? Or is it just another holiday?


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I like to think there will be an episode on Oct.
There might be one in September still. While Heiji likes to post about every single issue, for the past five years Berserk has only been published in issues with odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7...).
It had been officially announced at the time that it would only be published once a month at most going forward.

So I can tell you for sure that Berserk will not be featured in Young Animal #20 (published October 9), Young Animal #22 (November 13) or Young Animal #24 (December 11).
When Berserk might be published is in YA #19 (September 25), #21 (October 23) or #23 (November 27).
Can anybody infer what "manuscript" means? Does this just mean the next episode or something else or just a case of poor translation by Google Translate?

I'm also assuming that the assistants are either working on Duranki or even possibly, they're starting to draw the art of Berserk?
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