Status of things that were revealed and then redacted in episode 83


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I admit the possibility of treading on thin ice here, but I again and again find on this forum and elsewhere discussions where people use the information that was revealed in episode 83 in speculations about how the world of Berserk, specifically Idea of Evil and God hand, works. I also admit that when I think of Berserk world, I do have the propensity of letting the information revealed therein to exist in a certain kind of maybe-canon, like "until directly contradicted, this is likely how it is" - and when contradicted, selectively shot out piece-by-piece.

My question is that has the information that was revealed and later redacted in episode 83 ever been contradicted since, and to what extent?


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Nothing in Episode 83 has been directly contradicted so far. But removing it from canon allows Miura to shape his world using the framework of that episode's revelations without giving a definition or origin story to its "god." I think reiterating that Ep 83 is non-canon is still a good note, because apart from some newer readers not realizing that it was removed from the volume, the contents shouldn't become ingrained in people's brains that it's inviolable, even if it has been consistent. If a u-turn emerges in the future on the descriptions set down back then, the removal of Ep 83 gives Miura free reign to do so.

To be a bit more comprehensive, here are a few things in the series that support the Idea of Evil's existence:
  • In v12, we see it in Episode 82, so we know it exists
  • Episode titles of v20: Shadow of Idea (1-3) — in which the incarnation ceremony mirrored certain events in the Eclipse
  • In v24, Flora refers to the master of the God Hand, and the true master of the beherits, as a being that dwells deep in the abyss of the astral world
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