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And at the same time, you have people on this board that tell you they find 1984 boring. If only they knew.
Disgusting, and kind of scary showing where things are going. Not that such unfair treatment is really a surprise though, it would just be more official this way.

Take David Hicks for example;

David Matthew Hicks (born 7 August 1975), also known as Abu Muslim al-Austraili and Mohammed Dawood, is an Australian citizen being held prisoner by the United States Government at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba after allegedly having served with the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. He has been detained, initially without charge, for more than four years as an "unlawful combatant" and thus, it was claimed, outside the normal protections of U.S. law and the provisions of the Geneva Conventions.

His trial before a U.S. military commission was due to begin in November 2005, however proceedings were cancelled following a Supreme Court ruling invalidating the constitutionality of the commission process. A memo was then issued from The Pentagon on July 7, 2006 directing that all military detainees are entitled to humane treatment and to certain basic legal standards, as required by Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. No new trial process has yet been announced.
Coming from a man who ,up until recently, lived in a totalitarian state, this is yet another step in that direction. The scary part is that the steps are getting bigger and bigger.
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