The New Picture Thread

SlimJ87D said:
Working out to be buff as Guts
Are you on a cell phone?!


This journey isn't ov--AARGH!
Because I'll never get tired of this photo...ever..

A slightly more recent one of my and my wife.


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Bleak Harvest said:
Because I'll never get tired of this photo...ever.. A slightly more recent one of my and my wife.

Cool pictures man, I'd seen the first and I don't get tired of it either. :guts:

CnC said:
Didn't even turn his head :schierke:? musta still been in shock from the dude that asked him to sign a psp.

Well he was sort of finishing signing/handing it back it seems, can't blame him for not having super reflexes anymore after a day of doing it. As for the PSP incident, I wonder what happened to the guy actually, I hope the guards took care of him in a back alley or something. :void: Seeing how good the NDS is doing though (597,628 units sold in Japan last week... It's a record), I doubt Miyamoto minded much.



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SlimJ87D said:
I have both handhelds and they're both awesome IMO.

Nobody said they weren't, it's just that bringing one to an event by their concurrent is uselessly provocative. Especially since after Miyamoto politely declined the guy took out his NDS and asked if he could sign it (and he did).
Alright, after all this long wait, here are a few pics you wanted Aaz. :guts:

This is the lovely lady. She's a keeper I believe. This is her and Duke:


Her being goofy in my truck:


me and her:


After I walked 18 miles at work one cold day, and I forgot to shave, but she still loved on me :serpico: :


Her in her naughty Halloween costume :guts::
(It was much nicer close up :carcus:)


She was little red riding hood, how scrumptious:


Well, for the ladies, I guess I could be nice. Me when I was a lad:


A picture my girlfriend likes, at your service mam :carcus: :


Last, but not least, just for the hell of it, my Chariot of Doom!!!! :isidro: :


I hope you and everyone else enjoyed Aaz! Have a pleasant evening.

- C


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IsolatioN said:
aww cute cat! I should get a picture of me and my pets up also :troll:

how old is everyone?

People that are probably ok with sharing that would have it in their profile.

Unless that was a disclaimer for what you're about to post. In which case, I would hope has a beastilality policy.
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